Px4 Full Size Failure on Last Round

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      Px4 Full Size Failure on Last Round

      I recently bought a Full-size Px4 9mm, and my 2nd trip to the range I have encountered an issue:

      The gun fires reliably time after time, until it gets to the final round of the magazine. Consistently, the final round of the magazine seems to feed into the chamber, but when the slide comes back forward it stops about 3-4 mm from coming all the way back into place. I pull the trigger and nothing happens. I am not able to push the slide forward the rest of the way. When I rack the slide back, the round ejects from the chamber as if it was properly fed.

      This issue is only with the last round, and it is consistent across 3 brands of ammo, both magazines, and 3 different shooters.

      Does anyone know what could be causing this? It is as if something is blocking the slide from fully traveling forward on the final round of every mag. Need to know if this is something I can fix, or if I need to send the gun back to Beretta.

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      i would dissemble it and check the slide for a pin that had worked loose that was hanging up on the empty mag as the slide closed. if you have a snapcap try cycling one through and watch for it to hang up.
      if it its new i would contact Beretta.
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      Try this, and assuming the pistol is disassembled and then assembled properly. Clean well with Hoppes and use Rem-Oil or the like liberally on all working parts, locking block, barrel, inside slide, etc... and then try again using WWB, Nato spec or hotter ammunition.

      It just may need to be shot some more.

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      If you disassembled your pistol after you had bought it, I suggest that its slide stop was assembled back into it incorrectly.
      Also, there may be a small, hairpin-shaped spring that controls the slide stop, and it may be out of place.

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