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Thread: Worst of the best questionnaire

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    Worst of the best questionnaire

    This question's for those veteran shooters. You may or may not want to admit it but even the best firearm manufacturers have made some mistakes and design blunders. My question is what are the worst guns you've ever purchased and why? I don't have enough experience to answer this question but I hope to learn from your mistakes.
    For example, the "don't believe the hype" regrettable purchase or the "my favorite company just pooped out a gun".

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    Mine was a Rock Island Armory compact 1911 that I put 800 rounds through and considerable time trying to fix it. What it would do is randomly fail to return to battery. Then it would all of a sudden not be able to pull the slide back all the way to chamber a round. Then it would fail to extract the empty. and all of this at random. Just when I thought I had it running right it would screw up again. I beat the pos to a pulp and melted it down.

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    Had three different Kimbers in two different calibers and two different "Series" that were all turds. Guns were so jacked I got them fixedish and got rid of them.

    Had a Sig P238HD that spent more time in New Hampshire than in my house, gun got replaced after its third RMA. Spent so much time not carrying the gun I got rid of it.

    Had a Glock 19 (Gen4) that didn't run right... This was part of the initial batch before they swapped out the RSA.

    Had Les Baer SRP that was just a tad too tightly fit. Couldn't reliably shoot it weak hand only.

    Had a custom Hi Power with a front sight that was fit too loose and liked to drift off the slide.

    ...I think that's it.

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    I bought two consecutive S&W handguns in the mid-80s that were recalled (Model 586 .357 revolver and model 469 9mm pistol). After that, I vowed to not buy any newly designed (or major modifications of an older design) guns until they had been on the market trouble-free for at least 5 years. That has worked well to prevent a repeat of a similar problem. "Be the first on your block to own one!" = being a free beta tester for the manufacturer.

    I owned an early KG-9 9mm pistol (similar to the TEC-9), and was shooting it one day and blew it up. I missed the part in the instructions about not using JHP ammo in it, and had loaded it with a full mag of JHPs. It fired from an open-bolt position, and when it jammed on the JHPs, it raised a burr on the next case in the mag. When I cleared the jammed round and tried to fire the next shot, the burred case fired out-of-battery (before the bolt was fully closed), destroying the plastic lower receiver and giving my support hand a few small cuts and burns. I sent it back, the company fixed it (replaced the entire lower receiver) and shipped it back to me. A couple of weeks later, the BATF ruled that the KG-9 was too easy to convert to full-auto (I later heard they found a few converted ones in S. Florida after a drug dealer gunfight), and they banned further sales of new models, and ruled all old models still remaining in private hands had to be transferred in the future as full-auto machineguns. The price for a used one went up 5X-10X almost overnight....but I had already sold mine, just before the new ruling, at a loss, just to get rid of it, because it wouldn't shoot JHPs safely.

    My advice on gun buying/owning: Be patient, chose your purchases carefully, keep everything forever, and don't buy Tauruses (Taurii?); I've just seen way too many of them break or fail to function properly/reliably.
    "Placement is power" -- seen in an article by Stephen A. Camp
    (RIP, Mr. Camp; you will be remembered, and missed)

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    Knock on my wooden head --- So far none of my weapons were duds.......
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    I don't know if rifles are included in this conversation, if they are, I have one.

    I had a Springfield M1A that shot MOA and was 100% reliable until one day the bolt disassembled itself as I pulled the trigger. The parts went yard sale in the middle of a large soybean field shooting at a target 300 yards out. I used a sweeper magnet for about an hour before I found the last part. I put it all back together and then took it to a gunsmith. He gave it a clean bill of health and I traded it off without leaving the store.


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    Sig Mosquito, its everything they say it is and is not. Mine was one of the bad ones and although I've apparently fixed it, it will never be trusted for self defense.
    Maybe time will heal the wound.

    Aside from a Jennings, American Arms, Kannasar Imports, (cheap 22s) I have found three things to be true about most guns:

    1 You get what you pay for (this includes waiting for the hard to get instead of being satisfied with less),

    2 If it don't pass the magnet test, you don't want it. (barrel, bolt, slide need steel)

    3 If the Army/Police are buying them, then its probably a very good choice. (IF you can divorce the politics from the sale)

    As for the anti-question: What's the best gun? You won't know until you've shot them all.

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    S&W Bodyguard 38spl. Less than 50rds it went out of time. Returned to the factory, got it back, no joy. Went out of time after 5rds. Couldn't get rid of it soon enough.

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    I had a Colt Commander that I had nothing but problems with since the day I bought it. FTE & FTF and other annoyances.
    It went back to Colt and came back only to startup again with the same problems. Sold it ASAP. Bought a Springfield Armory EMP and I love it. No issues whatsoever, it's accurate & dependable and I carry it everyday. Colt can suck it.

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    Mine was the first 1911 I ever bought. It was an AMT "Hardballer', in .45 ACP. I don't think AMT knew how to heat treat their stainless steel very wonder their not in business anymore.
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