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    Handgun Value

    What are your favorite sight for gun prices and evaluation guides?

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    Add on question for my own needs. How do you price a gun for re-sell? I've never sold one don't know how to find a reasonable price that works for me and a potential buyer.



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    Well, to sell it - I plaster it on all of the gun chat websites - and I live in a good spot - near AUstin, Houston, San Antonio. So, I always have luck when selling it and can sell face to face - meaning I don't want to deal with someone out of state (dealing with all the transfer fees and having to have a gun store ship it to the buyers gun store/licensed dealer in another state).

    As for pricing - it really depends on what it is. I quite often see posts on other sites by people asking what they think a particular gun is worth. Then, a person can take the totality of the answers and figure it out themselves. Also, U should see what things cost new in your area - that gives I some idea. And, if U see someone selling the same gun on some gun site, then that also gives U an idea.

    Generally, when U have been into guns long enough, U just tend to know what a fair price is. I may look around and see if I can find a similiar gun that sold to see what it went for before I completely make up my mind. But generally, I know.

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    I don't sell guns anymore. I buy or trade my guns at gun shows mostly. When I get hankering for a gun I check all the places on the web that I can. I go to Buds Gun Shop on the web for my last stop as he is about as low as you can find on new guns. When I get to the show I know what the cost is for that gun in my area. If I can get down to what I want I buy it. Here's Buds link.

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    You can get a rough idea with Fjestad's "Blue Book of Gun Values." This is available as a printed book or as a CD. Gun values are often regional, however, or subject to other local market forces, and sometimes the Fjestad's price is a bit high, in my opinion. A trip to a well-stocked gunshop can help finalize the local value. Gunsamerica.com is also helpful in determining market value.

    Fjestad's Blue Book is invaluable for figuring out exactly which variation of a gun you might have, by the way. S&W, for example, has a whole raft of small variations in gun models that affect value.
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