I may as well ask now...
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    I may as well ask now...

    The other day after I posted in the 'what would u buy' thread, I decided maybe I should ask around here before dropping money on my next purchase.

    I've always had a thing for the AMT Hardballers, and haven't read any positives/negatives about it, just basic information stuff. Two of my friends said they really liked the Hardballer, but I don't imagine them to be as keen on firearms as some of the people on this board. So... thanks

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    The AMT Hardballer

    Many years ago I had a friend who had a .45 ACP Hardballer, and one of the long slide models, too. This in eastern Ohio where groundhog hunting is the summer past time. He took many groundhogs with this pistol, once taking five for five without shifting his position. I shot his a few times and I compared it favorably with my Colt Gold Cup. Not quite the same fit and finish, but downrange performance was equal.

    Since that time, I've heard some disparaging remarks about later production, but never got involved with them.

    Bob Wright

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