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    Looked at another PT1911 - another good one

    Saw another PT1911 - it looked quite good. Fit and Finish was good, function was precise, trigger was smooth and at a good 'break' weight. Slide was tight without binding.

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    I am hearing that they are running them through their custom shop before shipping. They want everything just right in the frist bunch. If I was going to buy one I beleive I would get it now. The one I saw looked like a good peice and was as tight as any I ever had in my hand. Good luck if you get one, and let us know.

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    The only other PT1911 besides mine that I've even seen was @ Sportsman's Warehouse in Wichita. It felt as good as mine does & the trigger was a little lighter, probably around 5lbs. I sure like mine & will buy a S/S model as soon as they come out.

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