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    Cool SR9c vs CZ-83 for the Range?

    Hey guys. I've had my eye on a CZ83 for a while, just for tin cans and car tires. Not carrying concealed or trying to save the world or anything. I even bought grips and springs for the bloody thing, but happened upon a Ruger SR9c deal I couldn't refuse. That may have been a mistake, as the piece is back at Ruger now getting repaired. In fairness the issues are relatively minor and I have every confidence it will return in top shape.

    The dilemma: Keep Mr. Ruger's SR9c, or sell it and get a CZ83.

    Before we do the 9mm vs 380 dance, the weight and speed of projectile is entirely irrelevant for the intended purpose (see above). And I reload. Ammo cost is a non-issue.

    I've handled the Ruger and like the ergos and aesthetics. And it should be accurate from what I'm told. Don't know about polymer vs steel, though. I always get a disposable vibe from plastic guns.

    To the Ruger's advantage it's a new gun with warranty, I already have it (and four magazines) and it's got a solid rep. To the CZ's credit it has history, style and soul. Should also be at least as accurate as the SR9c.


    Option C is sell the Ruger, sell the parts I have for the CZ and just be happy with my Beretta and 1911.

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    Nothing wrong with a CZ-83. I wish I still had the one I had...good carry gun too.

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    How would you rate the sr9 against the XD9 both full size? Can't decide which to get

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