Trigger Action Question
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    Trigger Action Question

    I recently purchased two new handguns, a Taurus Millennium Pro PT-145 and a Springfield Armory Milspec 1911a, and much prefer the trigger action of these two handguns compared to my Kahr CW9.

    I'm not a very mechanically-oriented person, so I can use some assistance here.

    Can a good gunsmith adjust the trigger action on my Kahr so that it closely replicates the action on my PT-145 and 1911? If so, what is a typical price I can expect to pay for this service?

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    I believe a good gunsmith can make the trigger better, although it may not mirror the two others. As for price, I really don't know. I'll leave that to someone else!

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    Isn't the Kahr a double action only pistol? If so, that is the design of the gun. U can never make it into a single action like the 1911. When U start lightening that kind of trigger, I will get failures to fire. A gun smith can more than likely make the trigger feel a little smoother and maybe lighten it a tiny tiny bit. But a double action only gun is meant to have a long, heavy trigger to avoid accidental fire.

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