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Thread: looking for handgun advice.

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    looking for handgun advice.

    Hi, I am looking into getting a handgun since i turned 21 in august. the gun will be used manly for target shooting for fun, cheap to shoot so .22 mag or 9mm (both cost the same pretty much) and its got to go bang every time (my life might depend on it). i am not new to handguns, shot many different ones by the way and i had some fun times with some but was a little expensive to shoot for my liking. used to i would shoot about 50 or so rounds of .22lr when i was in 4-h shooting sports using their rife (savage with the accu trigger) with a leopuld scope (they let me take the gun home so i got practice in when ever i got time) thing was a tack driver. (not important but is something that i used to do.)

    so far my budget is around $400, but i will go up to $500 for a better gun/worth it, so far i got my hands on 2 different ones. I know there is more choices out there but these 2 are the only ones i held that i am looking at getting. on the links best to worst. *i am not really looking for a compact pistol*

    SP2022 9mm (this gun i love felt very nice in my hands price $400 and i hear good things about it) i can get this with tax and a box of bullets for under 500. (but the trigger pull is high though. and didnt have that great of sights)
    PMR-30 | Pistols | Kel-tec (slightly small in my hands, but from what i hear its worth it and fun to shoot. and that 30 round mag is sweet vs the normal 8-10 rounds depending on the gun. and the sights were better. price $550 since my dad is good friends with the dealer (he took $25 off)

    see i am torn between the the first and second link but how dead on are the 2 if yall get what i am saying (if i am target shooting i like to be able to hit the target (see picture below of what i mean), but will be shooting cans, or them self resetting targets more then i would the paper targets.
    and i hear both are pretty good and are worth the money.

    i plan on getting one around December. so i got some time.

    thank yall for the advice and thoughts and i hope i am in the right location for my post.
    i will add more choices when i get my hands on some.

    the picture was taken when i was in a 4-h competition, no rest, standing at 50ft (had 30min to make 20 shots) and using match grade ammo back then $60 for 500 rounds. i placed second in 2011 missed first by 4 points. best group i ever got with this gun not going to post rest of the pics due to i had gust of wind messing me me got a 178 out of 200.
    i had a stray bullet (mine) but that is 3 shots right next to each other.

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    the target was (6-10 and bulls-eye was a 10X)

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    This subject has been discussed here so many times...
    I start to get impatient, and think to answer: Look through the posts and responses which already exist here.

    But in your case, I have a much better thought:
    Since, as you've wrote, you're in no hurry to buy that first pistol, why not spend the time thinking about exactly what you want the pistol for? What, exactly, do you want it to do for you?
    Your two stated choices are nothing like each other, and have nothing much in common. Each is for a very different use, So, what is the primary use that you foresee for this first pistol?

    Then, having decided what you want the pistol to do, go find all of the guns available in the marketplace that suit that use. Concentrate only on them, and nothing else. Find an instructor or a gun shop with a large "library" of pistols to try, and try them all (that is, rent shooting time on as many of them as you can).
    Having done all that, you will be able to make an informed choice.

    Nobody here has the ability to tell you what to buy, or which would best suit your needs, regardless of the suggestions anybody else writes.
    It's a very personal choice. That which suits me will probably not suit you.
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    Thats the best advice I heard all day. Is this how you treat all new guys? Some useful info in there but nothing that isnt new to me. I am new to owning a pistol I have shot plenty of handguns from a .22lr to desert eagle .50 cal (I might be wrong on the cal size) (and shot many of brands in between) my fav is my dads springfield m1911 .45acp. I can put 6 out of 7 shots (max 7) in a 30 pack of budwizer box. At 10ft in low light (and thats center mass for a person like me. Btw) but that gun is expensive to shoot and not really that fun to target shoot. recoil is a little bad.
    I have had been reading good and bad things about both and looked on this site. did you fail to read the part I know there are more out there I am only posting those 2 (I live out of town from the nearest range and that is a 4hr round trip. I only go out of town if I have to.
    . I already listed what I will be using it for. And I was wanting to hear from ppl that have put them paper I have yet to do so. I have yet to see a review where a person put the gun on a rest and hit the same spot every time they say its accurate but dont give specs. So far pmr 30 ppl say its extremely accurate

    Ya I know to put some rounds in before buying one. Unless you dont have that option.

    And how are these not the same. Just one has a 30 round mag and shoots .22mag the other 10-15 round mag and shoots 9mm both cost the same to shoot. (the 9mm would be better for defense but shot placement any gun is good) if it was a defensive gun i would want a bigger caliber. it takes is shot placement to bring down anything. Lets see my dad took a nice sized hog with a .17hmr at 100yrds with one shot (right behind the ear). Shot many of deer with a .222 again shot placement. why I want one for me its target shooting. I can handle a bigger caliber. But not fun to shoot several rounds out of.

    Right now that sig is the one I might get $100 cheaper and it fits slightly better
    The kel tech isnt that bad. If its a better gun I will get that then.(this might change closer to December)

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    One point, the $400 budget really limits your selections even if you consider the used market. Making it $500 opens up a lot more options. I get almost all of mine used or on trades, in fact I'm trading a Glock for a Sig today. Like everyone will tell you, go to a range that rents guns and pick the one that works best for you. Of the 2 you mention, I'd go with the Sig. I had one for a time and it was a good gun, I just prefer the classic alloy frame Sigs...

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    I was going to respond with some wisecrack, but Steve pretty much said it all.

    If you have already definitely limited your selection to the 2 pistols you mentioned, I would definitely go with the SIG. I own no SIGs because I am a lefty, and SIG seems to be not particularly lefy friendly. While I really like German pistols, I, personally, like HKs and Walthers, I would suggest the SIG for you for two reasons:

    1) SIG has a better reputation than Kel-Tec and will, therefore, have a better resale value should you ever decide to move on to something else.

    2) 22WMR, while probably a fine caliber, is not extremely popular and will make your pistol just as difficult to resell, should you ever decide to move on to another pistol.
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    I'd consider a .22 LR pistol also for cheap shooting fun, instead of the more powerful .22 magnum. You can find revolvers with interchangeable cylinders that will shoot both and get the best of both worlds.

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    Well got some range time in with these guns (3) all 9mm, and felt great. at the cost of 58$ and got 25 rounds of 9mm left out of 50
    Smith and weston m & p 9mm shot decent
    Glock 17 gen 4 9mm loved it and had a decent trigger pull with .5" slack
    bretta 92fs loved it as well but the sights were its down fall might be expensive as well.
    might have spelled the names wrong*

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    Not clear just what you intend to do, and want the gun to do. If you want to casual target shoot and plink, the Ruger Single-Six is accurate, reliable, and comes with both .22LR and .22 WRM cylinders. If you are a bit more serious about target shooting, the S&W 22A-1 can be set up for competition to be a single hole driller. I saw a rumor that S&W had closed that plant, but the guns are out there. If you want a 9, the options are damn near endless.


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