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    California Folks its time to finally get that auto you've been looking at.

    This is just a reminder to folks living in California to go immediately to their local dealer and purchase whatever auto they've been looking at or even if you're a revolver guy but have always thought about getting an auto. Now is the time and if you hurry you just might be able to score four of them prior to years end. Because as of January first, autos are out of business except for a slight possibility that some may remain on the Safety Roster's List. January first is when all autos coming into the State of California must have a micro-stamped firing pin that no one has yet figured out how to do. You may not even be able to get your favorite Encore or Contender pistol either as they are currently trying to pass legislation making the current exemption that single shots have from the safety list a no go which would mean that single shots would have to pass the soon to be in place requirements of next years Safety List. This last part has a very specific reason that really stinks.

    You see there were some company's that simply could not afford to send in a dozen pistols to be destroyed and pay a hefty filing fee just to find out that their gun was denied acceptance for the Safety List. So they did some digging around and found the exemption for single shots and also found that the law only referred to the exact time of the transfer of the weapon. In other words, the exact second after all the paper work and wait of ten days and then the dealer reaches over the counter with your single shot to give it to you.

    So what this meant was that the little companies (big ones as well since S&W jumped on the bandwagon) could take their regular non California approved semi-auto in 45ACP and drop in a 380 ACP barrel inside the regular 45 ACP barrel and sticking out the end of the gun quite a distance (requirement of the single shot exemption) and be perfectly legal. The buyer then goes home and simply removes the 380 barrel and has a perfectly legal 45 auto in his/her hands. The CA DOJ is fit to be tied with this and the legislature is scrambling to put and end to this no matter who they step on to get there. Autos are currently coming into the state without CA's approval and without their money grabbing registration system. It also will avoid the micro-stamping requirement of January first's. But be sure that CA will come up with something even if it's unconstitutional. They don't care if it does go to court and gets overturned they are trying to do anything to keep guns out of our hands. (The reason for the safety list in the first place).

    I just don't have the money nor the desire to pick up a bunch. My interests are in single and double action revolvers and I'm trying to get back into SASS with only using revolvers to do so since I can no longer hold a long arm at shooting position. That means five revolvers and leather to stage three and holster two. A safe Josie Wales if you would. It's just that some of the readership might not be aware of what's going on behind their back. If the government is able to pass a quicky legislation or like the micro-stamping which was thanks to Attn. General Harris who decided to enforce a pre-existing law (micro-stamping) even though the law states that it can only be enforced if and when the technology is readily available which it is not. The CA Government simply does not care. Just like the court victory that should have made California a shall issue State. Have you found your local sheriff or chief of police passing out permits to carry right and left as yet? No probably not, but it is currently the law of the land with that court victory.

    Mentioning my single and double actions. Right now the double actions have to be on the "LIST" to be able to be sold, but the single actions are exempt if they meet barrel and overall length requirements. Well I'm stocking up as fast as I can because I know that it's only a matter of time before they're going to be next on the hit list. I wanted my auto friends out there to know about the Micro-stamping requirements of the new year and to let you know of the way around the law that is currently being offered and as yet is totally legal. Smithy.

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    Sort of makes me glad I live in Texas, where the handgun is the state flower.


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