tried and true or new and hip

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      tried and true or new and hip

      I wanted to know how many people have been carrying the same gun for over 5 years? Do you still carry that gun or have you moved on to the new gun of the month. I have been carrying the S&W 3913 for over 7 years and I shoot it well and trust my life to it but I just bought the S&W Shield and when I put night sights on it and get my new holster it may become my new carry piece. I just love the way it feels in my hands and if it shoots as well as the 3913 then I am going to change as parts for the 3913 are becoming hard to find. Do you still carry old ammo like the hydra shoks or have you moved on to new ammo like Critical Duty/ HST.

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      For the past seven years, my primary carry gun has been one of my gen3 Glock 23's. It is dependable and I shoot it well. As for SD ammunition, that gun gets either Federal 165gr HST or Speer Gold Dot 165gr JHP in its higher velocity configuration (#53970). The Federal Hydra Shok load is older technology and was replaced by the better HST load.

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      Been carrying the same 1911for 15 years.

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      I carry one of three guns daily; about ten years ago I started carrying a Sig 239, then added a Sig 229 a few years later and about two years ago I added a Glock 26. So I still carry the same gun, but only part of the time.

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      I've carried revolvers to Smith, Beretta, HK and 1911 autos. I always end up back to the 1911 and have carried the same Commander for at least the last 10 years. Occasionally in the winter I'll grab the USP45 for increased capacity but that thing is a bit hard to hide in hot weather. At the moment I use Win 230gr PDX because it's the easiest to get but I may just buy a bunch of Gold Dots and load them to factory specs for carry, the price of ammo pisses me off more than the screwing we get at the gas pumps.

      There's controversy about carrying reloads but if you duplicate the factory loading, exactly what's the difference? Oh, mine are more consistant and I don't have to worry about the occasional squib from mass production going full bore where a few "oopses" make it out the door.

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      From 1978 through 1999, 21 years, when I (rarely) needed to carry a pistol, it was one of two full-size 1911s.

      From 1999 through 2013, about 14 years, I carried a pocket-size AMT .45 Backup, 24/7.

      Starting in early 2013, I've been carrying a Colt's Model M in .380 ACP, 24/7. I made that change due to arthritis issues.

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      I have a variety of guns, so I will switch every now and then, so as to not get bored. Lately I've been carrying striker fired pistols Glock G26, Glock G30, Springfield XDS .45 and my favorite which I've carried since the day I bought it the Kahr MK 40. I use Hornady Critical Duty or Critical Defense in all my self defense weapons. Out on the trails an S&W Governor with shot loads and a .45 semi auto. I also have an S&W 3913 and a 669, nice pistols although I haven't carried them much.

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