I'm loving my three Ruger pistols,,,

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      I'm loving my three Ruger pistols,,,

      I'm loving my three Ruger pistols,,,
      They are relatively new to me,,,
      But I'm loving them all.

      I own a lot of handguns,,,
      I've been steadily "collecting" for the past 5-6 years,,,
      But my most recent purchases are quickly becoming my go-to guns.

      Six months or so back I saw a Raspberry SR-22 at the Evil Pawn Shop,,,
      It looked so cute and I had read good reviews about the gun,,,
      So I ponied up the cash and took it home with me.

      It has turned out to be a great performer,,,
      As accurate as can be expected from a small pistol,,,
      And so far it has worked fine with inexpensive bulk ammunition.

      Than about 3 months ago I asked The Evil Pawn Shop Guy to get a lilac Lady LC9,,,
      I wanted a compact 9mm just to have and decided to again be whimsical,,,
      I had read about the long trigger pull and the sharp recoil,,,
      But those are things I can get used to or ignore,,,
      This little gun shoots very well indeed,,,
      I actually enjoy shooting it.

      Then just last month I was talking to a lady friend,,,
      She had obtained her carry permit and asked me for a gun referral,,,
      After we talked about her desires and needs I recommended that she buy an LCP.

      It turned out that she hated the gun and thus she never carried it,,,
      Since she bought it on my recommendation I felt a little bad,,,
      So I offered to buy the gun from her and she accepted.

      I just happened to have a small case that would fit all three pistols,,,
      So I cased 'em up and keep that in my car for range outings,,,
      It has turned out that I really enjoy shooting them,,,
      So much so that I now leave them in my car,,,
      After work trips to the range are happening.

      The LCR has that long trigger and a snappy recoil,,,
      But I tamed the recoil with a Pachmayer grip,,,
      And the trigger just takes some practice.

      The LC9 has a snappy recoil but it isn't so bad as to reject the gun,,,
      It does have that same long trigger pull but again practice is the remedy,,,
      I love the way the gun fits my K-frame hands and I'm getting better with it now.

      The SR-22,,,
      It's just plain fun.

      I know it's probably just the newness and cuteness of this colorful trio,,,
      But I'm having an absolute blast with these guns right now,,,
      The LC9 lives in my briefcase and the LCP on my hip,,,
      The only problem is that they are so much fun,,,
      I'm burning through a lot of ammunition.

      Here they are,,,

      Idgie - SR22
      Evelyn - LCP
      Ruth - LC9



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      Depends on who's looking for me, and why.
      Well okay then............

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      The SR-22 is a great little gun. Love mine. Glad to see you care for them so much. All three look like they found a home. Enjoy!

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