HK P30 or Sig 229
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    HK P30 or Sig 229

    I shoot sigs well but I hear that the HK is a fine weapon system. If you had a choice which would you buy and why?

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    Have both - shoot both well - for me both are equally comfortable-- about the only criteria I'd have for one over the other would be economic.

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    I have the P229 and love this pistol!! Never had a FTF, or FTE!! It just goes bang every time I pull the trigger. I keep it clean, and take care of it just like all my other firearms and they run!!
    I can't speak on the P30 as I have never held, or shot one!

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    I own both. The HK grip ergonomics are better than the SIG. However, with the HK, you'll have to pick the trigger system very carefully. The P30 I have has the light LEM (V1) trigger and I do not like that trigger system. Many people like it and can get used to the extra long pull and reset - I just don't like it. The SIG P229 short reset trigger system is far easier for me to shoot, even with the 10+ pound first trigger pull on DA.

    The SIG Lite sites are also far superior to the HK. The HK sights are luminescent and not self illuminating and really not very good in the low light or the dark. The SIG sights glow brightly and are easy to use in low light or complete darkness.

    The recoil system on the HK is better than the SIG with a flat wire spring that is probably good for 20k+ rounds.

    Of the two that I own, I prefer the SIG as the trigger is better than the V1 system for me, and I like the DA/SA system with the de-cocker for carrying. Have never tried or shot a DA/SA (V3) HK trigger system, but from what I've seen on reviews on the Internet, the first pull is extremely long and the reset is also long.

    If you like a continuous pull trigger system better than a DA/SA trigger then the P30 would be the gun to get. If you like DA/SA trigger system then I would get the SIG.

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