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    How do you clean your gun? Guides?

    Hey everyone, this is my first time posting on this site. I actually just bought my first handgun, a SIG P220 (.45). Anyways no one ever tought me how to clean it, and the manual doesnt help much. I was wondering if anyone has any links to any online guides that could walk me through the process. I bought one of those $20 gun cleaning kits, so I think im ready. P.S. I havent fired my gun yet, hopefully this week, but I want to learn the process of cleaning it. Thanks.

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    Frist off can you field strip it? If you can just lightly oil eveything up, and run a oil patch down the barrel. Go have a good time. When you get home do it all over again only with the cleaning solvent. Then reoil, and your good to go.

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    I bet that if U do a Google search, you could find a website that even has some photos of how to do it - that would be a bit easier for U than just reading text. May not be the same un in the photos, but it would give U an idea.

    I used Breakfree CLP - it cleans and lubricates all in 1 - no need for several products.

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    Wilson Combat has videos that show you how to maintain various handguns, including the Sig P220. Go to their we site and search on "video".

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    find some one in your area, gun club gunshop, leo, gunsmith and let them show you the first time and then you will have it

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