Springfield XDS for everyday shooting?

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      Springfield XDS for everyday shooting?

      Unlike some people, I can't afford to own multiple guns. I presently have a S&W 9C for the range and Concealed Carry. I'm looking at swapping it out for the XDS 9mm. My reasons are the trigger on the 9C. (yes, I could have the trigger worked on, but read my first sentence). 2nd reason is a slightly less weight and a little easier to carry concealed. All the reviews that I have read state that the XDS would be a good concealed carry weapon, which is main reason Springfield created it, but no one mentions about taking it to the range for an afternoon of shooting. Other than the trigger, I consider the S&W a good gun and I find it comfortable to shoot at the range. Has anyone shot both of these and can give me their opinion?


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      Any gun you pick for CC must also be used at the range. You need to be intimately familiar with your CC firearm and the only way to do that is through practice. If you practice with something other than what you CC, then you're going to have to practice 2x as much.

      Having said that, you should know that the XDS had a recall to correct an issue with the grip. They have successfully been able to fix these with an extra pin I think, but this will require more diligence on your part to find one that has been fixed.

      Finally, while I can appreciate the cost involved in owning multiple firearms, the importance of a second one is important, even if only to continue to CC in the event you need to use it. Because if you do (and I hope you never need to), it will be confiscated for the duration of any investigation and trial. And in all likelihood, a trial almost always happens even in self defense scenarios.

      Secondarily, what if your primary breaks or is in need of service or a part? Is it suddenly okay to not CC or to practice regularly? I know your finances are likely tight, but a backup of your primary should be high on your "must get" list.

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