G17, Springer, and Para 14

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      G17, Springer, and Para 14

      Well, I finally made it to the range yesterday with the Glock 17, Springfield 1911A1, and the Para-Ordnance 14. I screwed up and only took Winchester White Box 115gr 9mm and Winchester White Box 230gr 45acp ammunition. All shooting was done at 12 yards from a bench in a nice indoor range.

      The Glock had no malfunctions at all and it shot to the point of aim. The groups were nothing to write home about but you would not want to stand in front of this pistol. After shooting it I am sure the problem is the 5-pound trigger. I love 1911s and the trigger on the Glock 17 makes you wish it had a 1911 trigger configuration. I wonder what I should do to improve the trigger or do they break in with use?

      Glock 17:

      The next weapon fired was the Springer 1911A1 that I put together. This pistol effortlessly put all rounds into a ½” group. I am sure I can learn to like this pistol.

      Springer 1911A1:

      The last pistol I shot was the Para-Ordnance 14. I experienced no malfunctioned and the pistol grouped reasonably well. The group size was about the size of a medium orange but it was 2 inches above the point of aim. I wonder if the sights on the Springfield aren’t regulated for the 230gr round and that I need to adjust the Para to do the same. I am going to shoot the 200gr LSWC rounds before I adjust the sights.

      Para-Ordnance 14:


      Richard ;D

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      Nice lookin' guns. I'm intrigued by the grips on the Para. They're very nice. Where did you get them, if you don't mind me asking?

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      Yes, U can buy different connectors to lower the pull on the Glock 17. My Glock 34 comes stock w/ a lighter trigger.

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