I was able to test these guns out, I dont personally own these but ive put 250 rounds through each.

Sig P6: This was a smooth gun, high value for the cost.
Caliber 9mm Luger
Length, overall 7.1"
Height, overall 5.2"
Width, overall 1.3"
Barrel length 3.9"
Sight radius 5.7"
Weight, w/o magazine 26.1 oz.
Weight, empty magazine 2.8 oz.
Trigger pull DA 12 lbs., SA 4.5 lbs.
Carbon steel slide
alloy frame
8 round capacity
Double action/Single action
No safety

What I loved about this gun was the ergonomics. Some sigs such as the P226 have a large grip and can leave you with an uncomfortable feel, this can be fixed with the E2 grips or aluminum/g10 grips. The P6 which is the German military version of the P225 (essentially the exact same gun) is more slim due to the single stack magazine. The ergonomics makes shooting the gun a breeze. The metal design and balance nearly eliminates the recoil. Accuracy is amazing, Sig never lets you down. Double action trigger is heavy but the single action is smooth. The sig design has not changed. This gun was made in the 1980's and the design is the exact same as the 2013 P226.

Although, since it was made in the 1980's it was not designed to feed hollow points. Some do and some dont. I believe P6's made after 1993 have the updated feed ramp. If you have the old feed ramp powerball self defense ammo feeds great. accessories and parts are widely available easy to find. I also carried this gun in a hybrid holster and it was easily concealable. Unfortunately they are hard to come by. JGsales and widener's use to have them for $379 but are now sold out and im not sure if there are anymore to be imported. Due to that fact they have become somewhat collectible.

Despite the downfall of the feed ramp and lack of availability I would not hesitate to buy one if i came by one. Its a $400 gun that can compete with any $600 gun. The only reason I believe they dont sell for more is due to the 8 round mag capacity.

I give it 4 out of 5, i would give it a 4.5 if it could hold more rounds

FNP 9mm
Caliber - 9mm Luger, 40S&W
Length - 7.4''
Height - 5.4''
Width - 1.55''
Barrel length - 4''
Sight radius - 6''
Weight - 25 oz
Trigger - Double-action/single action
Trigger pull - DA 8.8 to 12.1 lbs.; SA 3.96 to 5.06 lbs.
Capacity - 16 + 1 (9mm) 14 + 1 (40S&W)

FNP feels alot like a Sig but polymer. I also love the design of the FNP. Feels almost as good in the hand as the P6. Due to the polymer design it has more of a kick than the Sig P6 but still very minimal. The single action trigger is lighter on the gun I shot than the Sig P6. It also delivers excellent accuracy. Having a double stack magazine 16rds is a plus. FN also give you 3 mags with the gun. Unlike sig who has began only shipping 1 mag with their new guns. FN stopped producing the FNP and now makes the FNX. The FNP is becoming harder to find and there are not many accessories for it. The magazine release is small and difficult to press. The FNX fixed that problem. When FN stopped production of the FNP they were being sold for $400-$450 with 3 mags. The FNX is currently selling for $500-$550 in my area. I dont believe The FNX made enough substantial changes to charge an extra $100. If you like the feel of a Sig but want a polymer gun the FNP is a perfect choice.

Once again, for the money, it will be hard to find a gun that can out compete it. 4.5 out of 5

CZ 75b compact
Ammunition 9 mm LUGER
Magazine Capacity 14
Weight 2.030 lbs
Overall Length 7.240 in
Barrel Length 3.800 in
Height 5.030 in
Width 1.380 in
Frame Steel
Grip Plastic
Trigger Mech. SA/DA
Sights Fixed
Safety Manual Safety, Safety Stop on Hammer, Firing Pin Safety

The CZ 75b is an all steel gun which kicks even less than the sig p6 and the fnp. when holding the CZ you can tell that it was made to last. As far as accuracy goes Id say all three guns are about the same, Amazing accuracy. The single action trigger in my opinion is better than the Sig and FNP. The grip is just as nice if not better than the Sig. I enjoy guns that have removable grips that can be customized. The CZ is becoming more popular and therefore it is more expensive. Hard to find these for under $500.

I give it a 4.5 out of 5 as well

I have shot many brands of gun. Glock, MP, XD, XDM, CZ p07, CZ p01, CZ rami, Sig P226, taurus 24/7.

For the price I dont think you can go wrong with any of the three guns I have reviewed. And for the price I believe they are a better value than many of the more popular and more expensive brands.