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    Most pleasant surprise, full size CZ in .38 Super...what a shooter. 14 shot XD 45acp I can shoot it for hours (fits like a glove).

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    A CZ-75BD Police in 9mm and S&W model 10 nickel in 38spl, both are accurate and smooth shooting. The Mrs. got a S&W M&P 22 pistol, fun and reliable.

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    Ruger LCP. Been looking for one at a reasonable price for quite a while. Finally located one with extra mags, Fobus holster, soft case. Bought it. Took it to the range and ran 50 rounds through it. Gun worked fine but it's very uncomfortable to shoot. Being so small and with such a short grip, I could not get a comfortable feeling with it in the hand. I have arthritis and it was pretty uncomfortable to shoot, much more so than the Bersa Thunders and Ruger P95 that I also have. It's going to be for sale shortly.

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    I got to shoot an FNP9 awhile back and was very impressed at how accurate and comfortable it was. It hit right to point of aim every time.
    I bought 2 HSc 380 Mauser pistols over the years. First was a German Mauser, Interarms import, 70's vintage. It jammed alot, until the trigger bar broke. I traded it at a loss. Years later I bought an Italian made version, a Gamba product. It never broke, but it jammed more then the Mauser model. I guess I wasn't destined to own an HSc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayghf1978 View Post
    Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you are gonna get.

    The famous Forest Gump quote was to imply how surprising life may be, how assumptions may not reflex reality.

    Same hold true for guns, as we are often surprised by certain brands; good or bad. Many times we try out a gun based on recommendations, but our experiences can differ from the people who suggested them. In my short shooting history, I have had a few surprises, both good and bad.

    Almost everyone I have talked to have had a Glock at some point. Near unanimous, Glock is the most popular manufacturer in the US, especially among military and law enforcement. I hated the feel of Glock, no matter how much I tried to like it. I shot both the 9mm and the .40, and hated them both. The grip feel is awful with the checkering; and the beaver tail pushes my grip hard and often. Shooting the Glock is as comfortable as receiving kisses from mother in laws. Same could be said about the Springfield XDM, the perceived Glock clone.

    One gun I shot that was surprisingly smooth was the H&K P30. Have not thought much about the H&K products and hated the price tag, the P30 was incredibly awesome to shoot. The grip feel was light, just enough to provide decent grasp. The short trigger is perhaps the best I have experienced to date, with just the right weight for single or double action pull. Although my experience with the P30 can only be described as short and sweet, but will always be in my heart.

    What guns surprised you, good and bad? Thank you for reading, have a good labor day.
    ALL three of my Glock pistols surprised me. Why? Because none of them worked when they were brand new! The two G-21's were, 'kaBoom!' specials that were very dangerous to shoot with any higher end self-defense ammo. It took a joint lawsuit by both the Portland Police Bureau, and the Georgia State Patrol before Glock, GmbH/Inc. finally admitted that there was, indeed, something seriously wrong with their G-21 pistols, stopped BS' ing everybody, and got around to actually fixing the problem. (If they hadn't my, now, superlatively handling G-21's still wouldn't be working safely.)

    As for my G-19(RTF-2)? I've finally got it ejecting OK; but I doubt that it'll ever be anywhere near as good as either of my G-21's. (Only cost me an additional $300 some-odd dollars in order to bring it to the level of trouble-free performance that it enjoys, today!)

    What pleasantly surprised me about these Glock pistols is that - once I finally had them up and running - they are utterly reliable, straight shooting guns.

    Yes, life is definitely surprising! When I was a boy I never dreamed (nor did anyone else) that I'd be living in the modern, thoroughly homogenized, and socialist America that we, all, exist in today. Some mornings I get up out of bed, turn on, 'the news'; and the place seems like a foreign country! When I was a young man there were no drugs in schools, only the people out west carried guns; and there were no popularized mass shootings, no illegal immigrants (to speak of), and everybody still believed in God and went to either church or synagogue on weekends.


    My active-duty US Marine Corps, 'uncles' began teaching me how to shoot when I was only nine years old. In those days, there was no such thing as a, 'comfortable gun'. You took whatever firearm you were handed, and hit the target with it. I guess this is, 'Why' I've never had any problem physically adjusting to a, 'blocky Glock'. I still shoot whatever I'm handed and leave things at that. Perhaps I should mention to you, though, that a Glock handles much better if you put a Hogue, 'HandAll' rubber grip sleeve on it.

    What a horrible thought! Why would I ever want to kiss my dearly beloved mother-in-law? (You know the clever old woman who once gave my physically gorgeous wife a set of lovely flannel nightgowns to wear to bed at night - She was so thoughtful of my wife's good health! To this very day I still don't know, quite, how to thank the woman!)

    Personally, I don't like shooting any H&K pistol for an extended period of time. The narrower backstraps just dig into my hand too much. If you like H&K's, 'LEM' triggers then you should try one of SIG's short-throw, 'DAK' triggers! (Perceptively better!)

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    glock with the good. g19 gen4 has been a pleasure to own. accurate,easy to strip/clean,perfect size for c&c.
    walther with the bad. can move the barrel with the slide in lock up,extreme wear on top of barrel for amount of rounds,poor accuracy.

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    My S&W Model 60 Pro (3" barrel) suprised me with recoil.
    Before this I had never shot a 357 magnum and from what I'd heard I was expecting it to really kick.
    When I shot it I was suprised at how "not bad" the recoil actually was.
    Dunno if it's because I'm used to shooting 45 ACP or what but the 60 pro is really fun to shoot.

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    I found stoger cougar to be one of the most accurate softest shooting 45 acp guns I have ever owned mag cap is a little low for grip size but for 360$ NIB it has never failed me in over 1500 rounds various HP,Ball ammo. It is my nightstand gun with streamlight for the $ this gun is awsome for the money. I have 2 other 45s XD45C,RugerR11911, they both are flawless also I bought the cougar on a whim and was very surprised the other 2 were researched buys and turned out as expected. I'm happy the way it turned out and will prob never part with any of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bisley View Post
    I was surprised at how much CZ's impress me, and by how unimpressed I am with the Sigs and HK's I have handled.
    Me too. When I was buying my first hand gun in a long time, I wanted to like my brother's 226. I just couldn't do it. So I bought a Glock. Glock is OK and I liked it just fine. Then my son bought a CZ75. I had to have one. After hating the Sig, I figured I hated all DA/SA pistols. CZ surprised me.

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    Ruger LCR 38 Special. The MOST BRUTAL handgun I have ever fired. Far, far worse than my 7 !/2" Ruger Redhawk .44 magnum. Shooting the LCR with +P ammo is electric....quickly turning hands and wrists numb....kinda like hitting an oak tree with a baseball bat.

    At the same time I absolutely adore the pistol. Just can't stand to shoot it. Much like marriage.

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    My S&W M&P 9mm. Much better for me than the Glocks. Just fits and feels better especially the no finger groove grip frame and trigger shape/size.
    Also surprised me by how well it shoots.

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    For small caliber target shooting I'd have to say my Ruger MK2 with the ten inch bull barrel, Bought it as an investment and really like shooting it, I picked one up for one of my sons.
    For small caliber carry for fun gun I'd say my new stainless Ruger Single-Six 922LR/22Mag) takes he cake. I had a couple of cheaper 22LR revolvers over the years and didn't like any of them at all. I bought a older blued Single-Six (22LR/22Mag) and shot it occasionally but never carried it, I sold it and bought the new one and BINGO. More accurate, better looking and fills the void.

    For large caliber handguns my favorite target gun is my stainless Ruger GP100 six inch 357 Mag. Just feels so good in my hand and a pleasure to shoot, run 39SPL through it and i'ts like being a kid in a candy shop.

    For large caliber revolver close to home carry it's my S&W 642 Aieweight 38 + P, compact, comfotable to pocket carry in a pocket sleve and big enough to get it done. I bought it on a whim and thought it would sit in the safe. I carry this gun EVERY DAY! Best $400 I ever spent on a handgun.

    For large caliber semi-auto carry it's my Colt Combat Commader.

    Best suprise and value was the S&W 642 Airweight 38 + P.

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    I love my LCP 380. And I love my P226R Tacops. I have had Glocks and can not find a way to like them. And I had a Glock 22C that shot better than any gun I have ever had but sold it couse It's just some thing about Glock that eats at me as far as a defence gun, kinda like fighting with a plastic spoon. Yea I know the LCP is plastic too but its just a pocket gun.
    It's like having a rock in your pocket you can defend your self or not but you have some thing.

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    The worst surprise in a gun I have owned would have to be a Dan Wesson .44 magnum revolver I had years ago. I paid waaaayyyyy too much for it but it was new and with the Zebra wood grips, beautiful. Darn thing spit lead out at the cylinder to barrel gap. Factory ammo or hand-loads, they all did the same thing. I returned it to the factory three times and finally had them take it back and swap out a new one with me. They did not put the Zebra wood grips on my 'new' gun. I didn't even shoot it, I traded for a Desert Eagle.
    Best gun, biggest surprise. Star M45 .45acp. I have owned three or four and think I have ran a total of 2-3K rounds through them with zero breakage over the years. The price was right too!

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    I picked up a little colt 1908 25 auto that I shoot with at 17 yards with a 2inch groups. That was really cool that a small gun like that is so accurate. .I always surprise people at the range with it .....they shoot there glocks or 1911 full size and at the same distance I can group better on paper .....

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    Stillwater, Oklahoma

    Taurus 22-PLY and 25-PLY,,,

    Back when they were only $201.00 at,,,
    I ordered a 22-PLY on a whim because it was just so danged cute.

    But it turned out to be an extremely fine little handgun.

    The older steel versions of the gun (PT-22) were plagued with malfunctions,,,
    The new polymer version (still marked PT-22 on the slide) are better.

    Mine runs Federal Bulk Pack ammo with no problems at all,,,
    It also likes CCI Standard and CCI Mini Mags.

    It fits my hand so well it is a natural pointer,,,
    Which is good because the small sights are hard to see.

    I'm a mediocre shot at the best of times,,,
    But at 7-10 yards I'm shooting a 4" rapid fire group.

    It has a long DAO trigger pull and a long trigger reset,,,
    But again the gun fits so snugly in my hand,,,
    This is only a minor thing to deal with.

    I liked the little shooter so well,,,
    I ordered the 25-PLY to pair up with it.

    So I practice with the cheap 22 ammunition,,,
    And use the 25 ACP as a convenient jacket pocket carry pistol.

    The 25 like it's rimfire sister points very naturally with little recoil,,,
    I practice with it at 7-10 yards and put 3-tap groups in the neck/clavicle area.

    Both guns dirty up fairly quickly,,,
    But they disassemble and clean very easily,,,
    So I keep them pristine and they haven't given me any problems.

    The one thing that isn't ideal is due to their small size,,,
    They do not have an extractor to force ejection of the empty cartridges.

    If you have a fail-to-fire and multiple DAO trigger pulls don't fire the cartridge,,,
    You must flip open the barrel to toss out the dud cartridge,,,
    Racking the slide only tries to feed another round,,,
    Then you have an even worse jam.

    Fortunately this hasn't happened to me,,,
    Except with Remington Golden Bullet 22 LR ammo,,,
    I've not yet experienced any failure with the 25 ACP cartridges.

    So what started out as a whim purchase,,,
    Became a part of my carry rotation.



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    I picked up a new Wather ppk/s last year and just love the way this gun shoots. Smooth triger, feels great in the hand was dead on target from day one.

    Thirty years ago I had an Erma .380 (baby luger) when I worked for the forest service on a mountain in Maine. That gun filled the stew pot quite often with rabbits and partrige and I grew to really like a .380.

    Sold the Erma years ago. I have had several .380's since but could never find anything that would shoot like that old Erma until I got the ppk/s. I just love this gun.

    Lots of people on this forum think they need a cannon to put down something. I knew an old trapper when I was younger who killed bears with a .22 pistal and that's a fact.

    Boy's it ain't the size of your piece it's how you use it.

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    I think we're all fond of recalling memorable firearms we've owned over the years. Ones that we are sorry we ever let go and genuinely miss. My first firearm was one of these.

    Purchased new on April 5, 1968, it was a Ruger Super Single Six Convertible (now called Single Six) with the 5 1/2" barrel. For $78 you got two cylinders; one for shorts, longs, and long rifle and one for .22WRM only. I loved that little revolver and curse the day I let it go. I had ordered a Single Six, those didn't have adjustable sights, but I was anxious and when it hadn't come in, I settled for the Super Single Six, which did have adjustable sights, for $13 more. I really miss that gun at times.

    I had three Taurus 92's in the early 90's, one without the decocker and two with this feature. One was a compact which I had a gunsmith tune for me. That's the one I should never have sold. Dumb. It was not only beautiful with its fine wood grips, but accurate and reliable as a rock.

    A Ruger PC4 I bought in the 90's should still be in my collection. Accurate right out of the box, it is one of only three rifles I have ever bought that didn't need to have its sights adjusted when new. An anomaly for sure.

    There are a few others but those seem to come to mind right away. Oh and a 1971 version of the Winchester 94. Yes it had the alloy receiver but it was a fine .30-30 carbine. My wife stood in line at a department store for two hours to get it for $71 new. Should have kept that one.

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    Biggest surprise for me was the S&W 6906 ...very smooth...but the most smiles for the $$ has to be my Bond Arms 45lc-.410 I just love that thing..

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    -- keithc
    "at the same time i absolutely adore the pistol. Just can't stand to shoot it. Much like marriage."

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