well finally tested my new LC380 and was all 100% no failures
due to lack of a lot of ammo I shot
50 rounds of Speer Lawman FMJ
18 rounds of Rem 88g JHP
10 rounds of Rem golden saber and
7 rounds of Hornady Crit Def.
thats not a lot of rounds but the the ammo shortage.........
after these 85 rounds my hand didn't feel like it had even been shooting
after 40 rounds of the ruger LCP my hand hurt
love this gun, love the way it feels and I did shoot better than with the LCP. the P32, or the Ruger 22Mkiii
the trigger is so crisp it doesn't need a trigger job IMHO
the thing i hate about the indoor shooting range is when you are concentrating and the guy two lanes over lets loose with 5 rounds of 44 automag!!!
man that was loud.......
now, i am left handed, and i pull the shot off just 2-3" to the right. If i can just get that whipped.
THEN again when I aim for the above center chest all the bullets HIT THE HEART!!