My sweet husband picked one up for his carry.

He was using an LCP before and was not fond of it at all. Plus, I wanted it back. I don't like it either but I can't hide anything much bigger.

ANYWAY, the XD9....

New, it comes with a short and an extended mag. A two mag belt holster, a 'range' type holster, a cleaning kit and a nice enough box.

Right out of the box, husband cleaned it, filled the mags, and then unloaded them.

He was instantly in love.

Once I got home from work, it was my turn. This sucker is sweet. It is solid, not too heavy but has enough weight to it to be well balanced and return to target quickly and accurately. The recoil is smooth and straight. The grip is comfortable and doesn't rub your hand.

The mag release is a little stiff but that will break in. The slide release is large enough to use but not so big it is in the way. The XD is easy to break down and I figured it out without the manual with only one tip from hubby.

We shot it at about 20 yards for groups and that sucker was dead. I took the center mass and he was not going to make it from that but to be safe, DH (dear husband) took the head shot and other than shooting his ear off one time, all were clean.

Taking into consideration that we also took out my Walther p88 Compact the next day on the same target at the same distance for comparison with the same ammo...reloads of ours...I actually like the XD9 better. It shoots more consistently, the trigger is smoother, and it seems more accurate. The sights are also brighter and it seems to return to target better. I know this is saying alot for it as Walther is one of the best guns on the market and the P88 compact is an old Rare piece but when you shoot them side by side, the XD is easier to shoot. (this doesn't mean I am selling it or anything.)

I think I can learn to shoot the Walther better and I can still be lethal with it no problem but this is just a review with a comparison for the heck of it.

Hope this helps someone.