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    Options for a left hand shooter

    I am trying to decide on a handgun for CCW. I have a 92F but being a smaller person it is real difficult to carry concealed.
    So I have been looking for a sub compact model to carry. I really liked the M&P shield .40 but found out it isn't left hand friendly, which I am. (very disappointed in S&W for this.) I really wanted the M&P shield but just don't want to fight the right handed features. I need something that is ambidextrous or switchable to left hand use.
    Some of the models I have been looking at are the Springfield Armory XD sub-compact .40. Also the Baretta Px4 storm sub-compact and Glock 27.
    Just curious if anyone out there, especially the left handed shooters have a compact/subcompact model in the .40 cal. that they prefer.
    My requirements for purchase of a handgun are: left hand friendly, .40 caliber, compact or sub-compact, concealable. I know a good quality holster will play a major role in conceal carry but I want a thin, probably single stack handgun that I will be able to conceal successfully. And yes, I do have a carry permit.
    Thanks for any input

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    Beretta compact type M.....

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