Opinions, advice, and input appreciated.

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      Opinions, advice, and input appreciated.

      I live in northern Canada with limited access to hands on handgun shopping. I am an experienced shooter with revolvers specifically s&w 686 .357 mag.
      I am wanting to enter the semi auto line in .45, but I also want a gun that I can get a conversion kit for 22lr for cost effective fun. I can't see that anyone offers that. So I think I will have to look at other calibers.

      What is the largest caliber that I can get and add the conversion to? What is the .40 like to shoot?
      I see CZ has a .40 with conversion. Any others?

      Any input is much appreciated.

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      Largest caliber that can be converted to .22LR would be the .45 acp.

      Shooting a .40 cal. is like shooting a 9mm on steroids.

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      There are several after-market .22 rimfire conversions for the 1911 in .45 ACP, not necessarily linked to a particular manufacturer's 1911.
      Avoid the Ciener conversion. Others are much better.
      Look here: http://www.brownells.com/handgun-par...ex.htm?ttver=2

      (Ciener has been shown to be unscrupulous in business, and his conversions do not work well.)

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