No 9 got some 40
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    No 9 got some 40

    Went to buy 9mm ammo last night and there was no more 9mm ammo of any kind. There were only 4 boxes of .40, so I bought a box (they were trying to sell them for $27 a box, talked them down to the normal price of $18)

    Whats ammo like in your areas?

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    No 9 got some 40

    Dwindling supplies in upstate NY.

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    Depends on who's looking for me, and why.
    I bought all the ammo I thought I'd ever need, over 15 yrs. ago, when prices were good, and when I still had an FFL.

    I'm at a point, that I don't count rounds. I count pounds of ammo. Last check, I was at about 1300 lbs.

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    My lgs here in Tampa Florida has plenty of ammunition. I was there today and purchased 250 rounds of each .45ACP, .38 Special and 9mm to replace what I had used this past week. I also picked up 100 rounds of .45Colt and .44 Special which I shot at the range today.

    They also still have .223 ammo and just received 500 cases of 7.65mm that they are selling for $400.00 a case.

    The only place that I have seen locally that had no ammo was Wal-Mart. When I was there yesterday they had no ammo for sale.

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