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    What Gun should I Purchase next (have a .22)?

    I've got a Browning Buckmark .22 Pistol and a Bauer .25 Pistol. The Browning is for using and the Bauer will remain in the safe since the Browning is cheaper to use and more accurate.

    In your opinion what gun should be my next purchase? The lower the price the better (preferably under $500), but I don't want to purchase a piece of junk either.

    I know if probably depends on what feels good in my hand but I would love to hear your opinions.

    BTW: I prefer handguns but my 16 year old daughter wants me to take her hunting...although we currently don't have anywhere to go hunting.

    Thanks for any an all opinions.


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    You are gonna have to supply a whole bunch more info. before anyone can make a comment or suggestion.

    Things, like your experience / skill level, what it will be used for, do you have a specific caliber in mind, semi-auto or revolver, and do you want just a shooter, or something that will hold it's value and appreciate in value as the years go by?

    So many little info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paratrooper View Post
    You are gonna have to supply a whole bunch more info.
    Yea, should have done that...sorry.

    I'm 45, age 10-12 shot 410 double barrel shotgun, got 20 gauge shotgun at age 12 and used it until about age 17, didn't shoot again until I was about 27, shot Browning Buckmark .22 for several years, haven't shot anything in the last 15 years.

    Do not have a caliber in mind (other than something different from my .22 and .25), haven't decided semi-automatic or revolver, just something gives a thrill every time I shoot it year after year after year.

    Would like for it to hold it's value but to be honest enjoying it is more important than what the value of it may be in the future.


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    Cz-75 9mm!!!

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    If you like 22 caliber shooting, and it is a lot of fun, you could try different types for example:

    1911: Sig Sauer*, GSG, Umarex/Colt, Chiappa*

    Tactical: Bersa Thunder 22*, S&W M&P 22, Ruger SR22, ISSC M22

    Revolver: Heritage Rough Rider*, Ruger LCR, Cimarron Plinkerton 22

    There's almost no end to 22 options.

    If you want to go up in caliber, try the 380 caliber guns. It's not to big a jump up and is easy and fun to shot. I have the Bersa Thunder 380. The pocket 380s (like the Ruger LCP and similar sized guns) do not make good range guns, the are designed for concealment.

    *I have this type gun

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    I would say go with a something like a Ruger SR9, 9mm!
    Nice pistol, won't break the bank, realiable, fun to shoot, and 9mm is the cheapest centerfire handgun round you can buy!
    Just one man's $.02!!

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    Still don't know whether you are looking for this new pistol for self defense or hunting. If it is self defense, I would go with a 9mm for under 500 dollars. If it is for hunting, you should go with something in at least .357 magnum and, of course, in a revolver platform. You might have some problems getting that for under 500 dollars though. JMHO.

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