Nano with Black Hills and Failure to Fire

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      Nano with Black Hills and Failure to Fire

      Took my new Nano out for a mini test drive. I loaded the 2 magazines with Black Hills red box (new) 124gr JHP + P ammo. First mag was flawless. On the second mag the last 2 rounds failed to go bang. Tried the 2 rounds again and still no bang. Primers were dented as same as the fired rounds. I know I need to shoot the rest of the rounds in the box for a more true test, but is this more of a bad ammo issue rather than gun? Never had this happen before.

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      Sounds like it, anytime you have a failure don't eject it for a minute or so. It can still go off; it's what they call hang fire. Ejecting the round to fast might cause a problem

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