.22 Ammo Choice and Cleaning Gun?

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      .22 Ammo Choice and Cleaning Gun?

      After about 14 years away from shooting I'm looking at getting back into it with my Browning Buck Mark .22 Pistol. Several reasons have gotten me back interested in shooting: after having microfracture knee surgery I was told I would have to give up playing tennis and running (2 of my loves) and I've become addicted to watching Duck Dynasty...but more importantly I've grown to miss the thrill of it.

      Anyway since it's been at least 14 years since I last fired my Buck Mark I'm sure there have been plenty of changes (or maybe not) to ammo and possibly gun care.

      Can anyone recommend reasonable quality ammo for plinking (and relearning 'how to shoot') at a great price?

      Some I've seen on a website for a local store are: Federal Champion Solid $1.99 (50), Windchester Wildcat $1.99 (50), CCI Quiet $2.99 (50), Federal Premium Game Shok $3.99 (50), CCI Stinger $5.99 (50), Winchester Super-X Lead Round-Nose $6.79 (100), Remington Yellow Jacket HP $7.99 (100).

      I'm sure there are many other brands/types but again, just looking for something that is dependable (as far as firing and quality) and cheap.

      Also, what components/items do I need to properly clean my gun (definitely want to give it a good cleaning before I attempt shooting it again) and keep it in tip top shape?

      I'm not very knowledgeable about guns in general so the more specific about the clothes/oil/rod/brushes/solvents/etc would help me a great deal.

      I'm happy to say my Buck Mark .22 looks practically brand new and people here have told me that it is a quality and accurate gun so that makes me even more excited about getting back ot there shooting again.

      I appreciate all the help you can provide!


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      Quote Originally Posted by TripleB View Post
      ...Also, what components/items do I need to properly clean my gun (definitely want to give it a good cleaning before I attempt shooting it again) and keep it in tip top shape?...
      Try here: How Do I Clean and Maintain My New Gun? What Else Do I Need?

      It is a permanent thread in the New to Handguns area. (Surprise, surprise!) Start by reading the first post in the thread, which has the bulk of the information you are asking for. Then read everybody else's comments too.

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      Definitely clean and lube your gun.

      CCI (all flavores) work well, but the Quiet round may not have enough energy to cycle your gun. Be sure to use 22LR and look for high velocity or standard velocity rounds might even work in your gun.

      Also, Remington Golden Bullets have been a good round in my 22 pistols.

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      The Buckmark has a reputation for cycling a wide variety of ammo, so I would go with cheaper bulk pack ammo for high volume practice, and then find a high velocity round that your pistol likes, for when your personal shooting abilities have progressed enough to require the best performance your pistol can deliver.

      There are varying opinions about whether, or how often to clean a .22, but my preference is to just field-strip after every session, spray with CLP, brush lightly with a nylon brush, and wipe clean before re-assembling. I will normally use nothing but a Bore-Snake on a .22 bore, unless it 'leads up,' so as to save friction against the muzzle crown. Most 'worn out' barrels are worn out by sloppy cleaning practices that damage the crown, rather than from the volume of rounds fired.

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      Firstly, the Browning Buckmark is indeed, a fine .22LR target pistol. I bought one in the 90's at a gun show for $209 as I recall. It has a 5 1/2" slab barrel with the stock molded and shaped grips and is very accurate. As has been mentioned, it will digest most anything but for range fun, I tend to prefer Federal hi-velocity solid points that I can get at Walmart of a local gun store.

      As for cleaning, I use brass brushes and nylon brushes, patches, and Shooter's Choice solvent. Clean from the breach end which means you need to remove the bolt. For lubrication, I tend to prefer a dry lube like Hornady's One Shot.

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