Looking into an auto for concealed carry.

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      Question Looking into an auto for concealed carry.

      I carry a S&W 642 (hammerless .38, just under 2" barrell) now. I am looking into swapping over to an auto to fulfill this purpose. The reason is accuracy. I can hit an area about the size of a piece of loose-leaf paper at 7 yards firing fairly fast. Beyond that it's iffy. In high stress potentially deadly. So a longer and more accurate barrell. An auto for more than 5 shots. I like the looks of this new S&W Shield as well as a few others. The Springfield XDm w/ the 3.8" barrell is appealing. A compact Glock, perhaps? Does CZ make a suitable 9mm? And what the heck is a
      FMK9C1? It was recommended.

      Thank you for your input.

      PS: Not for concealed carry, but what do y'all think of the FN Five seveN?

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      The accuracy problem isn't due to the gun. It's due to your technique.
      A decent revolver (i.e., S&W J-frame) with a 2" barrel can make accurate hits out to 50 yards, in skilled and practiced hands.

      The key word here is practice. It will also help if you could find a good instructor, who can teach you revolver technique.

      Switching to a semi-auto pistol will make very little difference. You will still have to learn trigger control, in order to make useful hits. You will still have to practice.
      Switching guns will not solve the problem.
      Getting some really good instruction, and then doing a lot of practice, will help a whole lot.

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      Great advice Steve. Perfect practice makes perfect. In most cases if error it's the operator not the gun right?

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      Steve is spot on but in answer to the stated question:

      My current preference is the S&W M&P Series.
      1. Capacity. The shield doesn't boost capacity much above your revolver.
      2. I have successfuly carried full size XD and M&P semi autos IWB and you can too if you realy choose to.
      3. My reccomendation along with formal training would be an M&P9 FS or C. The full size will probably be a bit easier to learn with but either will work.
      4. Purchase a quality IWB holster such as Galco's Summer Comfort or Desanti's Cozy Partner.
      5. Practice, practice and practice.

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      Not a fan of the 2" snubbies, but that's just me. SLOW DOWN, take your time to make everything perfect (sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press), get consistent at this slow fire. Start with a 4" circle at 7 yards. When you get all 5 shots in the circle in say 15 seconds, try for 10 seconds, then a little faster and so on, but make sure that your 3 secrets are perfect (sight alignment, sight picture and trigger press). Dry practice a lot. Be safe while dry practicing, no ammo in the room and a specific target that's only used for dry practice (not the TV set). Practice, practice and then do it some more. You will find that the little 2" is an amazing gun after a relatively short while. .38 special isn't a bad round and some of the new SD loadings are pretty darn good. Practice using SD ammo at the range, you need to know how it will react in your gun (you may not like at all). If it hurts to shoot a lot with the 2", you might want to think about something heavier - then the change of guns would be in order.

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