HELP! Trying to decide
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    HELP! Trying to decide

    Looking for a 9mm to carry. I really like the S&W Shield but they are unavailable. I also like the Bersa BP9cc and my local gun store has one in stock. The only thing keeping me from the Bersa is the lack of a safety. Can anyone recommend a compact 9mm that has a safety and one that I can get all 3 fingers on?

    Thank you!

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    I don't think you need a manual safety, I think you just think you need one

    Don't get a Bersa, there are alot of options, you could get a Beretta Nano, Keltec PF9 (I just got one for 270), Kahr, LC9, SR9, 2022, all of these options will work much better than the Bersa

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    Bersa makes reliable guns at a great price. supported by excellent customer service.

    The best thing you can do is at least hold as many different guns as you can an at best shoot whatever you can. Somewhere along the way you will find the one that is right for you. You have already been given a great list of guns to look at, including the Bersa.

    For more discussion on Bersa's, there's a friendly bunch of folk at: Bersa Chat Forum

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    Maybe consider a Ruger LC9, very compact, has a safety as you mentioned, very easy to conceal and quality built. The trigger is a little long but that is typical of small 9mm's. Good luck with your choice.

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    Sig P250C in 9mm.

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    Sig P250c is an excellent choice also, find an S&W m&p 9mm compact as well if you can

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    When I carry a semi-automatic it is usually my M&P 9c. You can get it with or without a manual safety. It has a 12 rounds capacity. I think you can use the mags from the M&P 9mm FS in it to get a 17 round capacity.

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