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    Just Lucky?

    I have read so often about people having trouble with their firearm/ammunition...........granted, I don't shoot 10,000 rds. a year, or even 6000 rds. a year.....but in my 30+ years of off and on shooting, I have yet to have an ftf, fte, ft fire, with any firearm. I have owned Beretta's, Ruger's, S&W, and some were revolvers. I have used many types of ammo, in different calibers, in different firearms. I stay away from the "cheaper" ammo, just because I think it's worth the extra $$$$$$ to use a better quality ammo, and help avoid problems. I always start with a clean and lubricated firearm, and I always clean it immediately, upon returning from the range. I always bump up my springs in all of my semi autos, and use a stainless guide rod. I also, once in a while, clean my magazines. If I store one for a time, say a year....I take it out and lube it every three mths. or so. Am I just lucky, or do the combo of all these things really make a difference? I tend to think that they do to a point, but there must be some luck involved. Knock on wood.........

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    You're not lucky. You take care of your equip., more than likely, know how to shoot, and buy good ammo.

    My experience is very similar to yours. I've never had an accidental / negligent discharge and never plan to. I've had some issues with .22LR ammo, but that's to be expected. It can be some of the most finicky ammo produced.

    BTW......I keep my finger on the trigger when pointing it at a target. That's the way I was taught and instructed. I've never had an issue and I don't believe in all this PC crap going around as of late, with your trigger finger extended along the receiver.

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    I have socks that are older than a lot of these new age experts

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdstrain49 View Post
    I have socks that are older than a lot of these new age experts
    One more reason to stay out of your sock drawer...!

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