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After reading responses on other forum where people are saying they already have their guns, so they don't care what happens now, I thought I'd weigh in with a thought. We need to use our "voice" to stop gun control rather than simply thinking we have ours so it doesn't matter. It does matter, not just from a weapon and magazine capacity standpoint, but from a government control standpoint. Where does it stop? Below is a copy of a letter I sent to both my state and federal representative. If they hear from enough sane people, we can influence them to do what is right. Rather than spending time writing to each other about what we have (preaching to the choir), take time to write to your representatives and fight for your rights.
We are all shocked and saddened by the terrible killings in Newtown. My wife and I are still struggling to cope with it. And as a parent of young children, I can't imagine what those poor children experienced, and what their parents and families are going through now. It is very hard to deal with even a week later. We think about it constantly. But contrary to what we are hearing in the media and by the liberals in government, the true root cause of what happened in Newtown was that young man was very disturbed, and he had evil in his heart. The fact he used guns to carry out his evil act is really not relevant. They were tools, not unlike a knife or any other weapon. If he chose, he could have used a car to harm and kill. I would ask that you help your colleagues to think clearly once they have worked through their emotional response. There is much talk about gun control and the elimination of certain weapons. Some would like to see the elimination of all weapons. While I think there is more to do to ensure guns don't get in the wrong hands, no matter what is done tragedies like Newtown won't be avoided by gun control. He did not buy those weapons. And I believe that most gun crimes are committed by people who don't own the gun legally. Responsible people who buy guns legally are not the problem. Semi-automatic handguns are not the problem. Bad people are the problem. We all know there are a lot of mentally sick people out there. There always has been and always will be. They will find a way to do what they do, with or without tougher gun control. But having said that, nation wide we could do more thorough background checks, similar to Illinois where we must apply for a FOID card and have a criminal background check completed before we can buy a gun or ammunition. But what we cannot do is infringe on our 2nd Amendment right in response to the small percentage of tragedies committed by really bad people. The city of Chicago is a perfect example of tougher gun control, and yet there is more gun crimes than any other city. Please influence your peers and our federal government leaders to do the right thing that gets at the root of the problem, and that is how to identify and help those very troubled people before they act. There were signs in this case, much like there have been with others in the past. We need to act on those signs, not the instruments used by those deranged individuals. Thanks in advance for the work you will do to ensure we have the right laws and focus in place, as well as in protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. I hope you and your family are able to appreciate what we all have and enjoy the rest of the holiday season.
Excellent letter Shark. I'm hoping all of our forum members will write letters.

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