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    Stainless steel

    would you like to see a highly polished SS handgun?
    several guns are made of SS but I do not remember any being highly polished like table flatware or the chrome SS on Semi trucks.
    does that take a different type of SS that has more chromium in the mix thus making it unsuitable for handguns?

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    Re: Stainless steel

    I ha ve seen a few that were on the shiney side. No where near nickel plated kind of shiny but not dull either.

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    Not many high-polish autoloaders out there; maybe a few 1911-style guns that had the flat sides of the slide polished.

    Ruger made a stainless-steel version of the Vaquero single-action revolver that had a high-polish finish; looked pretty close to a polished nickel finish to me.
    Click link to see one at Ruger's website:

    I've also seen a few home-workshop-polished SS guns. Some looked pretty good; others, not so much.

    I don't know if the alloys commonly used in gunmaking are suitable or unsuitable for a high-polish finish or not, but if the Ruger referenced above is any indication, it may just be market forces at work, not technical problems (not enough folks would buy one, so no company offers them). Gun manufacturers are pretty good at knowing their market.

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    Stainless steel

    Would you buy one of these NIB for $500,00?
    Umarex Regent 2000SS made in Turkey for Umarex. ?

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