Looking for a Vendor For USMC Team Pistols

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      Exclamation Looking for a Vendor For USMC Team Pistols

      Hello, my name is Rob and I am in the Marine Corps. My team and I are trying to find a vendor to build our team's pistols before our upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. We are looking at either Glocks or Kimber 1911 .45. I have called and emailed both manufacturers and have not received a response from either. Does anyone out there know someone who can hook this up. The order will be close to 30 pistols with engravings on all of them. We would like our jack to be on the slide and the serial numbers to have our kill numbers instead. If that can't happen then we want the kill numbers towards the muzzle of the slide. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      If I recall correctly a few years ago a similar case was presented and done on a 1911,Springfield Armory pops in my head but don't hold me to it.Personally you can do much better than Kimber,but that's up to you guys.Try 1911Forum - Powered by vBulletin and do a search,it was at least a year ago I saw it and probably more like 2 or 3-the memory does go with age.

      Thanks for you and your buds' service.KTAALGSTO

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      Re: Looking for a Vendor For USMC Team Pistols

      That was Para that had a ton of "Unit Specials" floating around...I would not go that route. My brother in law put together an order for his Rivron unit and they were not that good.

      I know Sig will do the Unit guns, but don't know who to talk to.my first suggestion would be to call the Colt custom shop and tell them you're interested in a batch along the lines of the "Enthusiasts" guns they did recently....I want to say Brian is the guy you want to talk to...

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      You might want to call Ryan Gagneux @ Sig 866-619-1128

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