I never run across deals,but had to jump on this.

I stopped in my local watering hole and the owner pulls me out back with a case in hand.He says a friend has this gun and wants to see if I can fix it.He pulls out an old Para frame kit with no name slide and a Shuemann hybrid barrel.For those that don't know the hybrid barrel requires a slot to be milled in the top of the slide because the barrel has a rib down the top with ports to act as a compensator.Well,the front of the rib needs a dovetail milled into it for a front sight,and the sight was loose.It would slide to the left and when the slide returned to battery it would hit the sight and jamb.It happened enough the base of the sight dovetail acted like a chisel and cracked the base of the barrel's dovetail.

We get the owner on the phone and I tell him I can try to rig it for now but the barrel is toast,being stainless and the location it can't be welded,and a new barrel is $300 plus dollars and by the time it's fit and a new sight installed he's looking at $600.He says holy crap,I only gave 4 for it about 20 years ago and says it isn't worth it.No crap,his next statement is "do you know where I can have it melted down".I asked him why,there's no need to destroy it because the gun was well built and there's plenty of good parts to salvage if it isn't going to be fixed.He says give me $100 and it's yours.

Like I said,I never come across real good deals,but I almost feel like I robbed the guy.My friend that owns the bar about freaked,he's been looking for a 1911 and was bummed I got this so cheap.I did tell him I saved him from headaches because the fix was the cost of an entry 1911 and this gun is not suited for carry at all,it will litterally blind you if you shoot it at night.If I don't flip it,I think I'll just clean up the edge of the dovetail and mount a red dot on it,cheap and easy fix.