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    advice on Baby Browning .25 caliper

    My name is Clay and its been so long since I posted here I forgot my password and had to re register
    I need some advice as I am a novice and most the people here are experts on hand guns
    My wife just got her ccw permit (we live in North east Alabama)I own a ruger 22 sr and a M and P 9c -I love them both My wife wants a small lower caliper hand gun. She is petie and is uncompfortable with higher caliper handguns. So i hopped on line and typed in .22 then .25 caliper handguns. Low and behold I came across the baby Browing .25 caliper pistol. I like the Browning name, everything I read said they were really good guns, and it would be like owning a peice of history as they w made in the late 50's and through the 60's. My wife really liked it also. I was all set to buy one and I read a sentence in a review that basically said " I would not carry a round in the chamber cause if it was dropped the gun could go off." does that mean they have no safety? or does that mean the safety isnt very good.

    Well I also ran across a company called Precision Small Arms that makes the same pistol as the Baby Browning. Are they still in business and do they have safety's? Are these guns well made and worth the 600 plus dollars they go for
    Thanks in advance

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