FN five-seven EDUCATE ME
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    FN five-seven EDUCATE ME

    Why do some people love the FN five-seven?
    out of the pistol it provides ~256 ftlbs energy
    it seems that it was designed for the PDW P90 but in pistol use its use seems limited.

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    Yes, it was designed along with the P90 so that vehicle crews had a pistol option in the 5.7x28 ammo.

    The consensus over at the FN forum as to why to own one: it's cool

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    Yeah if your not LEO you will be unable to purchase the armor piercing rounds, the target ammo is okay but not ideal for self defense or anything like that. But with 20 in the magazine, one could argue otherwise.

    An expensive piece for what you get.

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    I don't own an FN Five Seven but have shot about 300 rounds through one belonging to a friend. The folks on the FN forum are right that it is a "cool" gun. It is fun to shoot and very accurate. It is also an expensive gun and is expensive to shoot when one can find the ammo. Apparently only FN and American Eagle make the ammo for it.

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    The round was designed to penetrate body armor and that is does very well.

    It goes back to the old argument of light fast moving bullet vs. slow heavy bullet, tit for tat. I have shot several of them over the years and they are very accurate, have a very light recoil but the pistol itself takes some getting used to as far as manipulation.

    As stated a pistol with a 20 round magazine would be nice in a SD situation.

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