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    Need advice on holster for running long distances

    Hey all, I'm new to forums in general, so I hope I post this correctly!

    I've been carrying for a long time, but I've recently begun training for a marathon and I can't figure out a setup to run long distances with my gun. I have a Galco shoulder holster that worked very well for walking the dog, hiking, etc, but it's too heavy for a long distance run. A hip holster hasn't faired well with the running clothes (they can't take the weight of the gun bouncing) and also rubs away skin after about mile 4 or so.

    I have a Taurus PT9 and a S&W J-frame Airweight .38, and I haven't found a good balance for carrying either of them. It's making the long rungs difficult because it's dark pretty early now, and I'm often several miles away from home, running in the dark in a pretty dodgy area.

    I've asked fellow runners and of course it ends up as a gun control debate, thought maybe I'd get better answers here.

    (I'm female, if that makes a difference in the holsters.)


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    Need advice on holster for running long distances

    Welcome to the forum!

    Unfortunately, I don't have much experience to offer. I did like the look of the Pistol Wear holster for running/cycling. I never bought it, but I thought it looked like a good option. Good luck.

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    Maybe a fanny pack?

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    A belly band if carrying the J-frame works well and is very versatile as to where you choose to wear it around your waist. Here's a link to just one of many on the market.
    Bulldog Deluxe Belly Band Holster Nylon Black fits 23 to 32 Waist

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