I saw what is probably the best James Bond film I have ever seen. With the exception of a few Bonds, the film's within the franchise have been about cliche and are examples of poor filmmaking. (Acouple of the old ones are worth watching + Casino Royale + Goldeneye)

This movie was excellent. Every single Bond film was referenced in a clever way not to mention the story in iteself was brillant. It could be a film without Bond in it and thats what I was looking for in a Bond movie.

The weapons of the film were good. Luckily Bond is still now downgraded from that stupid P99 to the PPK/s. Glocks were the main sidearms in the film, aside one styer pistol M9-A1. There was classic flintlock pistols of unknown origin, I think an Ardesa possibley...

Bond films are known for action, but if you really like action movies like me you will notice they often lack good action and are usually short lived sequences. If you like guns see this movie. Finally a Bond movie with enough action in it. Good action finally in a Bond film. The story and plot are very relevent and make the film worth seeing as well unlike the convoluted bunch of films you may know.