Slide Discoloration??
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    Slide Discoloration??

    So I just bought a brand new SP2022 9mm the other day, and I took it out once and put 150 rounds through it. When I got the gun, it was all black, but I just now realized that the whole slide of the gun is like a greenish grey looking color now. Does anyone know why it's like that and/or what I can do to fix it? Links to a picture is posted below

    I got it in black nitron and the gun was all black until this morning.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    I can only conjecture...
    Maybe the heat of firing discolored the gun's slide.
    Maybe the oil you applied to it "sunk in" and discolored the gun's slide. (You did clean and oil it, didn't you?)
    Maybe the "black nitron" isn't really black, and looks gray under certain lighting conditions.
    Maybe since the slide is made of a different material from that of the frame, it absorbs oil or dirt differently, or refracts light differently.

    A possible solution might be to paint both frame and slide with a bake-on finish in true black. You can do this yourself.
    Investigate DuraCoat. Click on:

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