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    M&P Shield update

    The shield hasn't been out that long and I know the demand on them is high and still hard to come by, so for the ones that owns the M&P Shield please share your likes and dislikes.

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    I cannot speak much on it. I held one and almost considered buying it in place of my much more concealable S&W Bodyguard. I wanted one pretty bad despite it not fitting my needs but the guy told me they are on special order and their is a waiting list. Holding it you can tell it is a pretty remarkable gun. The trigger is updated (M&P triggers were pretty good before, but this is supposed to be even better). The size is crazy, it feels so good in your hands! If you have the $$$ which btw they are pretty cheap, I would highly recommend. I want one pretty bad too!

    On a negative note, the cops in my area are changing out their Glocks for M&Ps (not shields that I know of). When I give my cop buddies shit on their new guns they get alittle disgruntled. They claim that the M&Ps rust pretty bad. I can't say this out of my own experiences, but knowing S&W they are a good company so even if this is true, they backup their guns for life. Something to research if you get the chance. The M&P Shield probably doesn't have this problem though.

    The price point and concealability of the M&P Shield makes it a great choice. Good luck finding one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakeleinen1 View Post

    They claim that the M&Ps rust pretty bad.
    MMM, they are just getting them and they are rusting already? Do the cops in your area practice gun maintenance by any chance?
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    I tend to have doubts about the rust issue.....

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    If you keep it clean than rust shouldn't be an issue. Same with every gun.

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