Combat Accuracy with My EDC - GLOCK 26 HD VIDEO

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      Combat Accuracy with My EDC - GLOCK 26 HD VIDEO

      I try to get out to my gun club with my EDC and train with it twice a month and work on combat accuracy. I drill with laser only from the hip, from concealment, then just working on getting the front post back on target, then with iron sights from further out, etc. In this video I have a number of distances I'm shooting from, at different size targets, even some steel plates.

      How do you train with your EDC?

      What kind of "combat accuracy" is "good enough" in your opinion?

      Would love to hear your thoughts on this and get your opinions.

      Here's a link to the video.

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      Re: Combat Accuracy with My EDC - GLOCK 26 HD VIDEO

      Okay, you asked so here it is. First, I've watched several of you videos on you tube and I like them. That said, this looked more like having fun at the range rather than serious practice. You seemed obsessed with tempting you mags as fast as possible. One the tear gets you are using there is a bowling pin shaped line a few inches in all the way around the target. At the ranges you were shooting all rounds should be inside that line. Nicking the ear or the edge of the neck is a miss.

      I saw no real practice such as draw a shoot two rounds center mass in 2 seconds or failure drills. I know its tough to see the red dot in daylight but at 7 yards you should be able to and also be able to keep all rounds in an area you can cover with your hand. That is what you call Combat Accurate.

      Keep Shooting!

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