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    Re: Whcih 380 would you choose or have made?

    Just installed the Hogue grip and the Pearce mag extensions on my Ruger LCP and it feels like a new gun. Much better grip, very comfortable.

    Have to go to the range now and test accuracy. If this improves my accuracy I will keep it as back up gun otherwise I will sell it and put the money towards a Sig P238.

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    Today I held the bersa thunder and the cheetah 84fs
    the SA trigger pull is just a bit smoother on the cheetah
    the DA trigger pull seemed to be about the same. If there was a pound difference I couldn't feel it.

    the thing that I liked best was that your index finger pushes down to disengage the safety on the Cheetah but your finger has to push UP to disengage the safety on the Bersa.
    Drawing the pistol from a holster.... I wonder how many people have an index finger strong enough to push up on the safety.
    seems that two hands were required

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    Re: Whcih 380 would you choose or have made?

    My answer to your original question is a Makarov. Although i prefer them in the 9x18. Nice and alim. Smaller than my other FS (even the compact) double stacks.
    8+1. Easy on the hands (for me) for recoil.
    Sights are piss poor hard to see.
    And the safety is down for off (if you choose to carry safety engaged), which for me means, a natural action during the draw stroke. Pushing up for safety of was never right for me.
    So, of a med/full size .380ish, that is my choice. Probably be what i go back to of i reach the age where arthritis comes into play.
    Good luck.

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    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned a Bersa Thunder 380,,,

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the Bersa Thunder 380,,,
    Mine is a great little pistol that simply does not malfunction.

    Now having said that, I absolutely love my Beretta 85,,,
    It's like Mr. Beretta snuck in and took a mold of my hand.

    The Beretta has less felt recoil than the Bersa,,,
    But it also costs more than twice the money.

    New Bersa's are around $285.00,,,
    New Beretta's (84 or 85) are over $700.00.

    The Beretta fits my hand perfectly,,,
    The Bersa fits my hand nicely,,,
    I hit well with either gun.

    New Beretta pistols only have a three year warranty,,,
    New Bersa pistols have a lifetime warranty for the original owner.



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    I have the Bersa Thunder duo-tone 380. Had lots of FT-etc issues. Replaced recoil spring and that cured all the issues except for last round failure. Bought a new Bersa mag since I wanted two and only one came with purchase. Same problem. Ordered two new mag springs (ps: cleaning didn't help). Haven't got to the range to test it further yet. I can't polish the feed ramp because of the iodized coating (wish I had not got the duo tone for this purpose). But the feed ramp appears ok, I just like to have them slick as snot as a rule. At any rate, I am thinking of getting the Kahr CW380 since it is a couple inches shorter than the BT380 and shorter grip for ease of pocket carry. I figure my PX4 40 cal is the cold weather carry, the BT for late spring and early fall carry, and the cw380 for hot weather minimum clothing carry. Can't carry a full size 40 cal w/o printing in hot weather very well. The cw380 is supposed to be great for +p. I can't find one to shoot so figure a Hogue will ease that issue if it is there. My BT380 handles the +p fine and can shoot it all day.

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    I carry a Ruger LCP IWB during cooler weather, target round in the pipe and 6 hollow points in the mag.
    Then a Sig Sauer P230 .380 OWB when it's hot enough to sweat Elsie rusty in the summer, 7 hollow points in mag and nothing chambered

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    My two favorite .380's are my Beretta 84 FS and my Sig Sauer P238.

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    I've had a lot of .380's and IMHO, nothing beats the Beretta 84 (Pick a variant) and it's closed slide "brother", the Browning BDA380. If you look around, and wait, you can find either of them in decent used condition, for about $300. I bought an 84BB a couple of years ago, in "85%" condition, for $289. A friend recently bought a BDA380 for $329, in excellent (I would say 90%) shape. Both shoot anything you put in them, as long as it's loadable. I've had one FTF, due to a severely out of round case. This was the same cause of the only failures I had with my previous 84 and my BDA380's, going back to about 1980.

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    My vote is for the Sig P238... simply on another level than most other .380's (Beretta's are very nice too), also in another price range than most. Worth every penny imo. The dependability and quality you expect from a Sig in the palm of your hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hideit View Post
    ....... I passed up, in 1971, a Walther PPK in 380 and wish I could take that decision back. Back then they were great guns, a lot better than is what is made today. (so I've read)

    Then I started thinking about the Sig P232 in .380 and wondered if readers here think it is better than the presently make PPK. IS IT?

    I'm not real sure about a 1911 commander in .380 but I understand where he is coming from - i.e. a .380 that fits the hand better.
    I have an old German-made, Armaloy plated, Walther PPK-S in 380 ACP. It is utterly reliable and has never failed me; but it's, also, blow-back operated and, quite frankly, kicks, 'like a mule'.

    NOT all Walther PPK-S pistols are, 'the best'. When Interarms began manufacturing them, here, in America and, 'under license' they screwed a lot of them up. Many of the early, American-made, Interarms AND Smith & Wesson pistols have uncorrectable feed ramp problems. So, when you look at old Walthers you have to be careful. It's only the German-made pistols (many of them imported by Interarms and stamped accordingly) that are actually superior little pistols.

    New Walthers? They've got some MIM parts in them; but, they work fine. By the way, this is just a personal observation on my part; but, as of now, I've never met anyone who enjoys shooting a Ruger LCP. Carry? Yes, but not actually using for, say, an extended practice session.

    May I ask, 'Why' you're so enamored with 9mm Kurz? It's NOT a great self-defense caliber? In fact I only carry mine (with two extra magazines) when I'm wearing a lightweight suit - Which, nowadays, ain't all that often. Perhaps, an honest-to-goodness 9 x 19mm pistol would suit BOTH your hands and your needs a whole lot better!

    To answer your last question: Personally I'm not a SIG fan. I don't like alloy frames; and I don't like the premium prices SIG pistols command. I've, also, had to repair a few of them; and, once taken apart, I've seen too many metal stampings and tool marks on the inside. I don't remember seeing any MIM parts; but, I wasn't looking for them; and, somehow, I think they must have been present - especially in two, 'Mosquitoes' that I repaired.

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    The one I have! Ruger LCP

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