Hello everyone:

well, i will be taking a course mid aug or a little later with a friend however her husband all ready got her a kel-tec which they have not gotten yet, sometime this week, now he is saying he wants her to go to the range before she takes this course, so we were talking about doing that as the will have a kel-tec and a smith and Wesson which is his gun. of cause i would need his help as i never did this before.

i never had in mind about the kel -tec, i have at lesat 5 diffent ones in mind right now, no certain order and do not have my list in front of me, but do remember that the bretta p4 a9mm, the smith and wesson, glock all of the being 9mm as i want it for home defense and the range, a few others in the Ruger p95, soeger cougar 9mm, the glock 17 and s&WW M&P or the SD model

it seems like i did find my list of handguns that i am interested in.

again would love input from ladies that shoot and what you use, and yes i understand that i have to make sure no one trys to tell me what i should get and that i have to shoot the diffrent models to see what works for me.

Lisa, Hamilton NJ