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    Question compensator question????

    w/o turning this into a yer taurus sucks or compensators dont work thread....can anyone tell me were i can get a low cost chrome or silver colored compensator for my taurus pt 1911??? Purely for the look factor. Tnx...HG

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    For the look factor only,you'd have to go with a bushing comp from only a few vendors,but I don't recall seing one in stainless.Wilson Combat still makes them and I think EFK,Dragon,something like that.Google will find you what's still out there.If there are none in stainless,you'd have to have someone do a spray and bake finish on it or get a small kit from Brownells to do it yourself.Probably cheaper for someone else to do it unless you have an airbrush and done it before.

    The added weight may help a little but these things rearely do much because they are overbored.If there is any appreciable weight to it you might have to drop down one weight on your recoil spring,but it would be better to drop down one on the mainspring.Reason being is the mainspring and firing pin stop profile are what control unlocking,and you just increased the recoiling mass.Once the hammer is under the slide the recoil spring comes into play some,but it's main purpose is to get the gun back in lockup.Even without a recoil spring the gun will shoot without flying out of your hand,it just puts undo battering on the stop surfaces and won't finish cycling to battery.Yes,it's been done,and the recoil wasn't a huge difference from having the spring in.Leaving the recoil spring at stock will help push the added weight back foward.The Wilson comp looks fairly light so that may be fine as is,but much heavier may need a spring change,won't know till you shoot it.

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