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Poll: Which semi auto .22lr for cross-training, plinking, new shooters?

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Thread: Updated .22lr Pistol Poll

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    The Ruger MKIII, very reliable and accurate. Shot thousands of rounds through mine and not one single jam. Love it.

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    I voted for the Buckmark. I'm also a fan of the S&W Model 617, S&W K-22, Ruger SP 101-22, the Ruger LCR 22, Colt Woodsman, Hi Standard and the Beretta Model 87.

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    Got some range time with my new SR22. I like it a bunch. Feels good sighting in, fits my grip and it is pretty easy to clean. Wanted to post my targets but can't figure out how to paste a photo here. Wonder if this will come through.

    10 rounds at 5 yards. 10th magazine through so I am getting a little accustomed to it. Got a ways to go.

    Not to shabby for first day out. Put 350 rounds through it. Found Federal 'champion' 40g round 1240fps to be smokey and I had 3 FTF (fail to feed, right?) in 50 rounds. Remington Golden Bullet 36g BPHP 1280fps was a bit smokey too but fed with no problems. Cost $10 to shoot. I like the 9mm more but this is $80 cheaper.
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    Very fun to shoot.
    The interchangable grips allow you to better fit it to your hand. Even with my big paws with the larger grip it feels pretty good.
    very easy to work and clean.
    very reliable.
    Much better ammo tolerances than pretty much any other tactical style 22 semi pistol out there.
    Tactical styles being ones like the mosquito, p22, ect. The MkIIs and IIIs and buckmarks ,while great pistols, the action and whole feel of the grip and pistol does not compare very well to a modern tactical pistol where as these ones do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aarondhgraham View Post
    There are a ton of guns out there that are made in centerfire and rimfire.

    Here is a list of guns that I compiled a while back,,,
    I'm sure there are others I've missed.

    ************************************************** ****

    Astra: Constable in .380 ACP & Constable in .22 LR.

    Beretta: Cheetah (84, 85, 86 series) in .380 & Cheetah 87 in .22LR. (I own the 85/87 pair).

    Beretta: Model 70 in .32 & Model 71 in .22 LR.

    Beretta: Bobcat in .25 ACP/.32 ACP & Bobcat in .22 LR.

    Bersa: Thunder .380 & Thunder .22 LR. (I own this pair).

    Bersa: Firestorm .380 & Firestorm .22 LR.

    Charter Arms: Undercover in .38 Special & Pathfinder in .22 LR (A lady friend owns/loves them both).

    Colt: S.A.A. & Colt S.A.A. .22 (same full size frame 1st. gen.)

    Colt: S.A.A. & Colt Peacemaker .22

    Colt: New Frontier & Colt New Frontier .22

    Colt: Bisley & Colt Bisley .22 (Never a factory offering..but popular conversion in 20's thru 50's)

    Colt: Trooper Mk III in .357 Mag & Trooper Mk III in .22LR. (I own this pair).

    Colt: Diamondback in .38 Special & Diamondback in .22 LR.

    Colt: Officers Model Match in .38 Special & Officers Model Match in .22 LR.

    Colt: 1911 in .45ACP & 1911 Ace in .22 LR.

    • Chiappa = made by Chiappa
    • Puma = made by Chiappa
    • Bersa American Classic 22 = made by Chiappa
    • GSG = made by GSG
    • Sig = made by GSG
    • Colt = made by Walther/Umarex
    • Browning = made by Browning (not full size)

    CZ: CZ-75B in 9mm & CZ-75B Kadet in .22LR. (I own this pair and the Kadet rocks!).

    Daewoo: Model DH380 in .380acp and the Model DP52 in .22 LR.

    EAA: Witness Combo 9mm/.22 LR. Sold with both a 9mm and a .22 LR upper.

    EAA: Witness Combo .45/.22 LR. Sold with both a .45 and a .22 LR upper.

    Erma: Erma ESP 85A in .32 S&W & Erma ESP 85A in .22 LR.

    Hammerli: Hammerli 280 in .32 S&W Long WC & Hammerli 280 in .22 LR (Funky looking target pistol).

    Hammerli: Hammerli P240 in .38 WC/.32 & Hammerli P240 in .22 LR.

    Heckler & Koch: HK4 in .380/.32/.25 & HK4 in .22LR (First pistol produced by H&K).

    Korth: Sport or Combat in .357 Magnum & Sport or Combat in .22 LR.

    Manhurin: Manhurin MR 73 in .357/.38/9mm/.332 S&W Long & Manhurin MR 73 in .22LR (standard issue with France's elite police and military Special Weapons and Tactics teams).

    Ruger: Single-Six in .32 H&R Magnum & Single-Six in .22 LR.

    Ruger: SP-101 in .38/.357 & SP-101 in .22LR,,,
    This is the old style with full lug barrels and non-adjustable sights

    Ruger: SP-101 in .38/.357 & SP-101 in .22LR,,,
    This is the new style with fiber optic front and adjustable rear sight.
    The one difference between the two is the half lug barrel on the .22 version.

    Ruger: LCR-38/357 & LCR-22

    Sig: SIG P220 in .45 & P220 Classic 22 in .22 LR.

    Sig: SIG P226 in .357 Sig /.40S&W & P226 Classic 22 in .22LR.

    Sig: SIG P229 in 9mm/.357 Sig/.40 S&W & P229 Classic 22 in .22 LR.

    There is an interesting thing about these .22 Sigs,,,
    Sig sells the SIG SAUER X-CHANGE Kit™ conversion kit for all three of the Classic 22's,,,
    That kit converts the .22 pistol up to shoot the appropriate centerfire cartridges.

    Star: Model H or HN in 380ACP & Model HF or HK in 22LR.

    S&W: Model 36 in .38 Special & Model 34 in .22LR. (I own this pair).

    S&W: Model 16-4 in .32 H&R Magnum & Model 617 in .22 LR.
    (The 16-4 is the only version that has a full-lug barrel to exactly match the 617.)

    S&W: Model 15 in .38 Special & Model 18 in .22LR. (I own this pair).

    S&W: Model 14 in .38 Special & Model 17 in .22LR.

    S&W: Model 10 in .38 Special & Model 45 in .22LR. (very rare and I want one)

    S&W: Model 60 in .38 Special and Model 63 in .22 LR.

    S&W: Model 442 in .38 Special & Model 43 C in .22 LR.

    S&W: Model 681 in .357 Mag & Model 617 in .22 LR.

    S&W: M&P (9mm, .357 Auto, .40, & .45) / M&P .22.

    Taurus: Model 25--- in .25 ACP & PT22 in 22 LR.

    Taurus: PLY in .25 ACP & PLY in .22 LR. (I own this pair).

    Walther: P1 in 9mm/.30 Luger & P1 in .22 LR.

    Walther: Walther PP in .380 & Walther PP in .22LR (.22 LR version is no longer made).

    Walther: Walther GSP in .32 S&W Long WC & Walther GSP in .22LR.

    Walther: Walther TPH in .25 ACP & Walther TPH in .22 LR.

    Walther: Walther PPK in .380 & Walther PPK in .22 LR.

    Walther: Walther PPK/L in .380 & Walther PPK/L in .22 LR.

    Walther: Walther PPK/S in .380 & Walther PPK/S in .22 LR.

    Conversion kits,,,

    Beretta: Beretta 92 in 9mm & Beretta 92 Series .22 LR Practice Kit.

    1911: Advantage Arms (advantagearms.com).

    1911: Marvel Conversion Kit (Marvel Precision 1911 .22 rimfire Conversions).

    1911: Kimber .22 conversion kit. Kimber America > Homepage

    Glock: Advantage Arms (advantagearms.com).

    Tactical Solutions .22 conversion kit for the Glock 17/22

    Ciener: 22 Conversion Kits for 1911, Beretta/Taurus, Browning Hi-Power, and Glock. Jonathan Arthur Ciener, Inc. Gun Conversions

    Twisted Industries: 22lr conversion for the Kel Tec 9mm PF9 and P11.
    Wow aarondhgraham! Thanks for that might fine list. It's very good info. Must have taken you a lot of time to compile it. I sure appreciate it and your efforts.

    Don <><

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    I'd just as soon have my Beretta 21A Bobcat as any of them.

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    I have an EAA Witness (Tangfolio in Italy) 9mm with a 22lr conversion kit. My senior citizen wife warms up on the 22lr and then switches to the 9mm. On our most recent outing just yesterday she placed 2 groups of 10 rounds each in an eight inch group rapid fire at 7 yards with the 9mm. I really believe the training with the 22 paid off. I pity the BG who enters our house. He will be thoroughly ventilated.

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    Hello Genesis (Don),,,

    You are welcome for the list,,,
    I can't take complete credit for it though.

    I started the list a year ago over at thefiringline.com,,,
    Then the other forum members kept sending me more pairs to add to the list.

    It was/is quite an interesting project.

    It is a personal passion of mine though,,,
    I love collecting matching pairs in rimfire and centerfire.

    I currently own:

    Taurus 25-PLY and Taurus 22-PLY
    CZ75B in 9mm & CZ-75B Kadet in .22 LR
    Bersa Thunder 380 & Bersa Thunder 22 LR
    S&W Model 15 in .38 Special & S&W Model 18 in .22 LR
    S&W Model 36 in .38 Special & S&W Model 34 in .22 LR
    Colt Trooper Mk-III in .357 and Colt Trooper Mk-III in .22 LR
    Beretta Cheetah Model 85 in .380 & Beretta Cheetah Model 87 in .22 LR

    To fill out my personal collection goals I still need:

    S&W Model 14 in .38 Special & S&W Model 17 in .22 LR
    Colt Officers Model Match in .38 Special & Colt Officers Model Match in .22 LR
    S&W Model 10 in .38 Special & S&W Model 45 in .22 LR (Probably won't ever see a Model 45 I can afford).

    Anyways I'm glad you enjoyed the list,,,
    Perhaps you'll collect a pair or two.



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    Have a firestorm22 (Bersa) that is a cheaper practice vs of the Bersa 380. Great sized 22.

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    Because you said "cross training" I voted SIG Mosquito

    It's not at all my best .22.

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    I shoot the M&P 22 alot at the range. It is very cheap to shoot and very close to my other semi auto's. My other semi auto's are the M&P 9FS, M&P 9c, M&P 40.

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    Quote Originally Posted by group17 View Post
    Have a firestorm22 (Bersa) that is a cheaper practice vs of the Bersa 380. Great sized 22.
    Same here, especially since I started carrying the BT 9UC instead of the BT 380s. One of the guys I shoot with has about got me talked into a Ruger 10/22 rifle.

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    I have the Wilson conversion kit and use it a lot on my 1911 and Kimber Pro Carry II HD

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    Re: Updated .22lr Pistol Poll

    Ruger mark iii 22/45 lite fun to shoot and enough after market parts it can be whatever you want.

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    UPDATE: I ended up doing two things - I picked up the Smith & Wesson M&P .22 - I find it's action to be similar enough to pistols from S&W, Glock and Springfield to be a legitimate "first-time handgun experience". I also picked up an AK-47 .22lr clone that works just like my real-life AK.

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    I confess I am a big fan of .22 handguns and use of .22s as surrogates for major centerfire guns. I have a couple of Ruger MK II & MK IIIs, a 22/45 and .22 conversions for the CZ-75, SIG 226, 229 and 1911. I think the best bang for the buck is the Ruger 22/45. The most accurate is my Marvel No. 1 kit for the 1911. All are fun and very useful for training.

    For those who like revolvers, both single action and double action, Ruger and S&W make .22s that make great for centerfire revos. I love practicing double action trigger work with my .22s. Minimal recoil and minimal cost for very good training.

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    High Standard Supermatic Citation - most accurate of my many.

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    I had a heritage rr. Sold it. Felt to cheap to me. And 22lr doesn't float my boat i guess.

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    I love my Buckmark hunter. Its paired up with a Matchdot Ultradot. Great tree rat getter and plinker.

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    Having owned a Colt Woodsman years ago.I had learned how to appreciate a .22.Just getting back into shooting and have bought 2 .22's. I now own a Beretta Neos 6"and a S&W M&P22.

    They are both easy to clean and as accurate as I am plus I have less than $600 in both

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