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    Question 1911 holster question.

    Anyone know much about the fobus tactical speed holster for the taurus pt1911 or similar 1911????
    it says it has positive retention utilizing a muzzle stud and a strap that goes around the trigger guard.
    i was lookin at the roto holster to but it has the push button release. I have a fobus for my. 38 but has just a positive retention locking system.
    is the push button a pain or is the trigger strap on the other a pain?
    lookin for fast draw not something ill be fumbling with. Tnx for info. Hg

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    While I have a couple Fobus holsters for 3"and 5" 1911a and one for a Glock 21 (Roto model) I am not familiar with the model you desribe, my bad. After I saw a video during an Officer Survival Seminar put on by Caliber Press of an officer being diarmed in an instant by a bad guy grabbing the Fobus and twisting it off the belt violently(the paddle was actually broken off) and get the weapon I quit carrying a Fobus openly on duty. CCW under a jacket or vest is another story. I finished my career using a Blackhawk Serpa which I love and is very secure. The Serpa uses the extended trigger finger along side the outside of the holster to release the pistol which puts the finger in perfect position to be along the slide or in the trigger guard at draw. Several fellow Agts used Bianchi paddle holsters that had a thumb-tab to release the weapon and we were issued a Blade-Tech or Uncle Mike's Kydex holster for our G22s with Tac Lights that had a push-tab to release a strap over the gun. Everybody managed to qualify with all their chosen/issued gear, but I carried my 1911 in the Serpa every day over the G22 Tac rig. I spent a lot of UC details carrying a 1911/BHP/G22 all with rubber grips hidden under a shirt in a tight belt and retired from 2 full LE careers after 42 yrs. Must have done something right. Good luck on the holster search.

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    Thanks a lot for the input Sir.
    ill revamp my searches and check em all out. HG

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