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  • Ruger

    11 33.33%
  • H&K

    3 9.09%
  • Sig

    6 18.18%
  • Springfield

    5 15.15%
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    Front Range Colorado
    Hi Eric

    I'm new to the forum also. I have a .32 Bernadelli model 60 I bought in Italy in 1970 and a Beretta 92FS I just recently purchased from a buddy who had it in a safe for 10 years. Just completed CCW class and put in the paperwork to carry. I have been looking at the Ruger sp101 .357 2.25 for 6 months and keep bouncing back and forth between that and the S&W 60 .357 2.125 Cant decide which for my carry permit. I think I really like wheel guns, so how come I have 2 autos? $ 9mm significantly more cost effective than .38 or .357 for range use but I'm just getting into it and for me anything that goes boom is great.
    With these two @ 15 yds I'm hitting a saucer sized circle with 14 rounds (2 mags) through the .32 and a coffee can lid sized circle with the 92fs and 30 rounds, (2 mags) I want to practice and get better, Friend Steve said those results are pretty good for someone who hasn't shot a pistol in 25 years.
    The guys at the gun store are very helpful and they have helped me adjust my stance and grip. They are also pointing me towards the Ruger SP101 .357 though as soon as my mind is made up another one tells me he has carried a chief special .38 for years.
    Back to me making up my own mind. Trying them both is, I guess, the only answer. Wish I could afford both.

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    first handgun

    I'm a Springfield fanboy, so of course I would say Springfield. BUT since you're just starting out, I would find a good quality .22lr wheel gun to build up your skills with. If you're new to shooting alltogether, I would say start with a nice .22 rifle to learn the basics with. It was already said before, but I'll say it again... A good .22, pistol or rifle, is a lifetime keeper. I've got 5 .22's, 3 of which are nearly 100 years old and still in perfect working order, the other 2 are Ruger 10/22's, one scoped, one irons.

    Your best bet is to go to a few gun shows and find what fits your hand best. Once you find a few that you like, find a range that rents pistols and shoot as many of the ones you liked as you can, as much as you can. What you like best is what you should get. Avoid the big box stores if you can (Cabelas, Bass Pro, Gander Mtn....), and go for the gun shows or mom n pop stores. Generally 1: you can bargain with them if you have cash in hand, 2: Aren't going to try and sell you something you don't really want or are unsure about. Then again, I may have just been fortunate in my travels.

    Can't really say for your area, but around here, new prices: most standard polymer semiautos hover around $550-$650, most semiauto steel guns are $600 and up, and wheel guns run the gambit from $325-$700 and up.
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    Before looking at the Ruger, I would look at S & W......better triggers...Rugers feel a bit grainy.

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    I have shot many handguns and I'm at a tough decision. I'm on a budget can't go above 400 dollars. Its between the kel-tec p11,pf9 or Taurus model 65 4inch .357, or charter arms bulldog .44spl. Thanks in advance for advise

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    NJ_Eric-shop on line-Guns America is one of my favorites-my sister wanted a 38 revolver for SD, my remomendation was a S&W M36 2" family. Locally the best option was a M642 SS Hammerless for $649. On Guns America I found a S&W 642 WITH Crimson Trace grips($289 if bought aftermarket) on sale from a S. Dakota dealer for $575 WITH a $50. S&W Promotion coupon!!! I bought 2 and saved $125 a gun over local dealer + the CT Grips! If you like the 9mm-look at Browning HPs-they are excellent but pricey-FEG-BHP copies sell in Guns America for $400 or less. Check out the Browning HP Forum and the excellent ammo performance article there-it will enlighten you. Best wishes

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    Hey guys,
    wow, nice to come back and see all this info and feedback on my post. unfortunatley I havent been able to reply due to ridiculously ravaging storms that totally F*&^ed up my city and the surrounding towns. I have just now gotten my internet working and everything back to some kind of normal in the house, finally at 11:45 at night. So I shall retire for the night and return a more detailed post following. However I will say this, Im sure one day I will get a .22 solely because they ARE just so much damn fun. you can take them out and shoot a thousand rounds for cheap, the gun is cheap, easy to practice mechanics with and all that. First gun tho? No. My first gun as I stated before will also be the pistol I rely on for home defense. Ive been thinking about it everyday and I think Im going to be very satisfied with a 9mm.

    Thanks for the replies and I will follow up after some much needed sleep.

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    @ Steve M1911A1

    A belated congratulations on your new grand child.

    They are great

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    Thanks, Don.
    Yup, they both are!

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    I voted for Sig Sauer. I'd look at the Sig Pro SP 2022 with Sig Lite night sights. A used Sig P226 or P229 would be sweet too. I'm also a fan of the P239.

    I would suggest looking at CZ too. The 75B and SP-01 are fantastic full size handguns with some of the finest ergonomics in the industry.

    A used Browning Hi Power would also make a sweet first gun.

    Good luck. Good hunting. Be safe.

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