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  • S&W

    8 24.24%
  • Ruger

    11 33.33%
  • H&K

    3 9.09%
  • Sig

    6 18.18%
  • Springfield

    5 15.15%
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    Hey guys,
    wow, nice to come back and see all this info and feedback on my post. unfortunatley I havent been able to reply due to ridiculously ravaging storms that totally F*&^ed up my city and the surrounding towns. I have just now gotten my internet working and everything back to some kind of normal in the house, finally at 11:45 at night. So I shall retire for the night and return a more detailed post following. However I will say this, Im sure one day I will get a .22 solely because they ARE just so much damn fun. you can take them out and shoot a thousand rounds for cheap, the gun is cheap, easy to practice mechanics with and all that. First gun tho? No. My first gun as I stated before will also be the pistol I rely on for home defense. Ive been thinking about it everyday and I think Im going to be very satisfied with a 9mm.

    Thanks for the replies and I will follow up after some much needed sleep.

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    @ Steve M1911A1

    A belated congratulations on your new grand child.

    They are great

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    Thanks, Don.
    Yup, they both are!

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    I voted for Sig Sauer. I'd look at the Sig Pro SP 2022 with Sig Lite night sights. A used Sig P226 or P229 would be sweet too. I'm also a fan of the P239.

    I would suggest looking at CZ too. The 75B and SP-01 are fantastic full size handguns with some of the finest ergonomics in the industry.

    A used Browning Hi Power would also make a sweet first gun.

    Good luck. Good hunting. Be safe.

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