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    Question about Uzi Eagle

    A few days ago, while on a pawn shop troll, I ran across a pistol labelled as and "Uzi Eagle", Now, I know that particular name was used by one of the importers of the IWI Jericho 941, and is basically the same gun as the Magnum Research Baby Eagle. It was a .40 S&W, and had some holster wear, mainly on the muzzle, but was basically in pretty good condition. I have always liked the styling on these guns, and I like the way they feel in my hand (I prefer an all-metal gun to polymer, and my daily carry is almost as heavy as the Jericho, so weight isn't an issue for me).

    Here's the sticking point: they had it marked $499. Am I missing something? Given that you can buy a brand-new one for around $40-$50 more, that seems outrageously expensive. Or is there something about the older models that make them more desirable? Anybody know?

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    They're essentially the same. The original name for the gun was Jericho 941 because it came with a 9mm barrel and the defunct .41 Action Express. When the US started importing them, depending on who imported them (KBI, Magnum Research, Charles Daly, etc), they got stamped a number of different names including Baby Eagle, Uzi Eagle, Desert Eagle, Baby Desert Eagle, and now Baby Eagle II.

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