When the S&W 59 came out, many years ago, I had to have one. After a year or so of shooting it, I got another pistol that became my "favorite". So I cleaned and lubed the 59 to put into storage. Around a year later I pulled it out of the box and took it out to shoot. "CLICK" "CLICK"
No bang! I was devastated.

After I got it home I took it apart to see if I could determine WTF caused it to malfunction when it had been so reliable the year before. I found that the oil had turned hard and gooey around the firring pin. It was a name brand oil, and I'd give you the name, but I might not remember exactly and I don't want to point a finger at the wrong company.

What I learned is that too much of the "wrong" oil can be catastrophic. Now, I oil with more deliberation, wipe and/or blow off any that can be wiped/blown off before putting into storage, or use...

Bottom line is; it MUST go BANG!