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    I suggest you rent the Ruger SR9c and LC9 at the local range to try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonja View Post
    "Best 9mm Pistol for a FEMALE?"

    The one she likes best.

    The one you shoot best.

    There are so many pistols available today, my advice is to go to a range -- rent a different pistol each time -- and shoot it.
    Great advice. Everybody is different. You need to get your hands on and shoot as many different handguns as possible. Find the one that feels best in your hand and you shoot well. For semi-auto, make sure you can rack the slide. A worthwhile instructor should be able to show you the best way to utilize your strength for this task.

    If the gun just doesn't feel right in your hands, even prior to shooting it, pass on it. You will not shoot it well.

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    Depending on the range I would recommend trying a few guns in a range visit. My local range you pay one time and can try anything in thier case. I would check with your range and see if they have a "per day rental" fee or if it is a fee per gun..

    I had 5 guns in mind the 1st day I went, so I shot 10 rounds each. That is not many rounds per gun to REALLY get to know it, but it can quickly narrow down the field of options. Out of the 5 I shot, I crossed two off my list before I even walked away from my lane with them to try the next gun... I waited a week and then went back and fired the 3 remaining in reverse order. Then I looked at the case and chose 2 I had not fired before as well. At that point I had settled on the one I liked so I bought another box of ammo and put 50 rounds thru it varying strong hand, off hand, etc really getting to know how it shot for me in as many ways as possible.

    How it shoots can change everything. I ended up ordering that gun a week later and now carry it every day. It is NOT the gun I went in wanting as top choice. I wanted full steel 92fs or CX75, I left with the poly M&P..

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    First, you have to decide how you intend to carry. On the belt? In a purse? On the ankle?

    Then you have to decide on your level of proficiency. Very small weapons carry well, but are difficult to shoot.

    In my opinion, if it is a weapon for someone with limited shooting experience (and 20 years old suggests a limited experience), that a 9mm with a full sized grip will be easiest to shoot. A Glock 19 would work well.

    But if I were recommending a first carry weapon, I'd probably suggest a medium frame in .380 caliber. Such as a Walther PPK or PPKS. They are very easy to shoot and have a very manageable recoil.

    There are many others in that same size/caliber range. I mentioned the Walther because it has been around a long time, is very reliable, and (I owned a PPKS) very easy to shoot. It has good sights, and can be ankle carried if wish. But it is fairly expensive, and there are some less expensive options that have good reputations.

    But I would avoid a "micro" gun at this stage.

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    I vote against the PPK and the PPKS. Recoil far greater than it should be for a 380. Can be difficult to rack if you have small or weak hands. Please try to stay away from simple blowback pistols.

    I still recommend a Glock 19, compact XDm, S&W M&P, or some other mid sized 9mm. No snub-nosed revolvers or subcompact pistols until you learn the basics of trigger control, etc.

    Please do not steer this person toward an LCP, P3-AT, or any other micro pistol.

    Proper grip, decent barrel length so it's easier to aim accurately, reliable and soft shooting - in fact, a Sig 229 in 9mm would also do the trick.

    Most of those little guns they market to women -- the same ones men do not like to shoot -- only serve to drive women away from the shooting sports.

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    If the lady is to be "steered" towards anything, it should be instruction, to learn fundamentals, learn how to "fit" a gun to her hands, how to shop for a firearm, and to experience different platforms and calibers BEFORE spending hundreds of dollars on someone else's preferences. I fail to see how anyone could suggest that a given firearm would be comfortable to another person. Just because a given firearm might be comfortable, controllable, and accurate for Sally Mae, doesn't mean that Susanna will will have the same experience. I have taught hundreds of ladies who have bought a firearm, then came to class, only to trade in their purchase losing a couple of hundred in the process because their newly discovered preferences led them to a different firearm.

    Anyone buy a given pair of shoes just because someone else liked 'em ?

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    One comment that I would like to add about the revolver vs. semi automatic is that most revolvers, especially the smaller ones have very long, hard pull triggers and this can make them more difficult to shoot accurately.

    My wife chose a Glock 26 as her first carry and it was a toss up between that and a Kahr (cm9 or cw9). Early on she had tried a S&W 642 Airweight in .38 spc and had a horrible reaction to it that left her with a numb hand for a week. Now, about a year later, with more experience she has tried it again on several occasions at our local range and is even considering buying one.

    Another carry consideration for females, one that my wife is constantly pointing out, is clothing. A very popular carry option is IWB (inside the waistband) holster. Most of the pants that my wife wears don't have belt loops and carrying IWB would leave her pants at her ankles.

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    I have an LC380 and LOVE it. I am getting more and more comfortable with it. I am getting addicted to shooting now and go to the range often. I want to get another pistol and now I am looking at the 9mm and 45

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    As others have stated, get some good training under your belt before you look to buy a handgun. You'll get a lot of good advice from a training class as well. Take your time and become familiar with what's out there for sale.

    Decide on either a semi-auto or a revolver. Once you have made that decision, decide on a caliber. Once that has been decided, stick to a name-brand manufacturer. Steer clear of Taurus, Rossi and others that aren't so well recommended.

    S&W makes some revolvers in .38 Special and .357 Mag., that are more or less, designed for females. My SIL has a S&W model 60 in .38, and she loves it. Five shot, very nice trigger, light weight, and easy to carry and conceal, when the need arises.

    I think I recall you saying you have a brother. Get him involved and have him help you when you're ready to buy.

    Best of luck to you, and remember, get some training.

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    Pssssssst, the post is from May 2012 I am sure she has found a weapon by now........

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