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Thread: Pistol types

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    Pistol types

    Im new to to auto loaders. Looking to invest in one but I'm confused as to the various types. Double action, single/double, hammers, no hammers. Can someone explain the differences and the relative benefits of one versus the other?

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    Single action (SA) is like the old west Colt,you have to cock the hammer and have a light trigger pull.Double action (DA) is like Smith and Wesson in generic terms,a long heavy pull cocks the hammer and drops it and then you repeat it when you release the trigger.These also can be cocked like SA if they have an external hammer.

    Autos are the same,but you have DA/SA.When you load it you can decock the hammer with a lever safely so your first shot is DA.When that fires the slide cycles and loads a new round but the hammer stays cocked every shot until it's empty or you stop and decock.There's also DA only (DAO).This is a serious subject on personal preference.I've run a SA since I touched handguns but I've used DA/SA far carry and did matches when I was big into it,diversity is important.

    I prefer hammer guns personally.If you don't see a hammer it's a striker fired gun like the Glock.The firing pin (FP) is the striker,and when the slide is cycled to load or while shooting the FP is partially 'cocked'.When you pull the trigger it finishes cocking it and releases it to fire,kind of a 1/2 ___ DA.

    You'll get a million resonses on triggers and hammers,when it really comes down to it it's what you like and master because there are advantages and drawbacks to them all.Look up Jerry Miculek and you'll see.

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