Everyone needs a training laser!!!! They are GREAT!!

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      Everyone needs a training laser!!!! They are GREAT!!

      I recently purchased a training laser for my Cz75 9mm. I got one that fits inside the bullet chamber. And, it is the best thing since I bought my first gun!!
      First: No, I don't work for laserlyte; I have no connection to them; I make no monetary or other kinds of compenstation for promoting them; I am not connected to them in any way.

      These things are FANTASTIC!!! There are basically two types: One goes in the barrel and is triggered based on sound. It is great for those who own a variety of calibers and for revolvers. The other type goes inside the bullet chamber and is triggered by the firing pin. I have friends who use the barrel-type and I use the chamber type. They are both GREAT!!!! The laser pulses for about .5sec so you can see it hit the target and if you had movement during the shot. And, I now consume a lot less ammo because I can do a lot more dryfire practice.

      I can practice at home any time I want. It allows me to practice all the areas where I need to improve.
      One thing I like about the one that goes in the chamber: There is no chance that you will have an accidental discharge....there is no bullet in the chamber.

      If you are going to use one of these, please practice safe dry-fire procedures, especially if you use the one that goes in the barrel: Keep ammo in separate room, empty the gun of all ammo in a safe location (I have a plastic paint bucket filled with sand to ensure the gun is empty), say to yourself "I am starting dry fire practice", check the gun one more time before pulling the trigger, say to yourself "Dry fire practice is over", and never ever go back for one more dryfire practice session.

      I didn't buy the fancy target that shows where I hit...I use IDPA targets and the pulse is long enough for me to see.

      EVERYBODY should go out and get one!.....I am serious....they are worth it.

      I found good prices at Alaskanoptics.com. (Not connected to them, either)
      LaserLyte — Laser Trainer Systems

      You will not regret it!!

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      I agree but use a different type. Mine goes on the rail underneath the barrel. To practice at home, I put a piece of paper on the wall with a small circle in the middle of it. Then I put a dummy round in the chamber. I aim the laser in the middle of the circle and try to keep it there until the trigger breaks. Used this way, the laser will clearly show if your trigger control is poor. My laser was about $110.

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